Okay, here’s the deal — I have some vintage items that have been somewhat ignored, and I’m calling myself out. I truly appreciate the spirit and zest a good vintage accessory brings to an outfit, and it’s not fair for me to deprive the world of these artifacts, nor is it fair for me to hold them hostage in my closet. So, I solemnly swear this : I will start using these items (and others in my collection) by next season, or I will sell them or give them away — get them back into the karmic exchange, so they may realize their purpose.


These boots lived in the corner of my mom’s closet throughout my entire childhood, and I don’t remember her wearing them once. My family moved every five or six years while I was growing up, and no matter the house, I could be sure this pair of boots would stand hunched in the corner of my parent’s/mom’s closet, ignored as ever. I didn’t know they’d been passed on to my older sister until I visited her after she gave birth to her second son. I tried them on and found them unwearable with rigidity. She handed them down to me under the condition that I make good use of them and not tell our younger sister, who would want them for herself. I assured her they’d be in good hands, that I’d oil them up real good and wear them well.

I’m sorry to say, I have worn these boots not-a-once. What’s worse — I constantly bitch about how I can never find flat shoes or boots that are my style. If only I’d take the time to massage the brittle out of ‘em, these boots are my style! They stand against the wall in my closet, bored, unoiled, unactualized. Well, readers, I’m writing to you to hold myself accountable — by fall fashion season, these boots will be oiled and well on their way to licking the steets of Oakland.


I can’t remember what I paid for this lovely hair comb, which I bought between nine and thirteen years ago and have worn all of twice. Upon purchase, I didn’t seem to notice that I had no clue whatsoever as to how to use the damn thing. I placed it around my skull, tilting it at different angles, but it was just weird — lopsided or seemingly backwards or it brought out the droop in my face too much. And because safety pins don’t fit well over the comb’s teeth, the only way to secure it is to build a scalp-tearing bobby pin nest that needs tending throughout the day or evening.

After a fruitless internet search for vintage hairdos using combs, I found my way to Lacis Retail Store and Museum, located in Berkeley. I got a few ideas from a couple of books, though honestly, I can’t remember them now. Oh well, I’ve got a couple months to figure out how to justify my ownership of this lil’ relic.


I found this Whiting and Davis “purse” on ebay while searching for one to give my younger sister several years ago. Now that I think about it, I only vaguely remember giving her a different, gold one — in that way where I’m not 100% sure I didn’t create the memory — so maybe I should follow up on that…  Anyway, when my purchase arrived, I understood why my modest bid of $16.25 including shipping had won. It is TINY! I mean, seriously — you could put an ID, credit card, and minimal cash, OR lipstick.

Typing this, I thought to myself, there are plenty of times where that’s all I need, no? The chasm of opportunity within my everyday purse usually goes unused, and when I’m out and made up for the evening, I often don’t need much. So why not take out a chic teeny-tiny purse? And then I remembered — my lifeline. I tried to make it fit, but I just couldn’t quite clasp the purse. So it comes down to this: is the inability to hold a cell phone a deal breaker, clutch-wise? I have thought it through thoroughly, and this is not a change purse, so I’m either gonna have to make it work, or pass it on to someone who somehow still owns a stout little flip phone or someone who can set technological boundaries, if such a person even exists anymore.


And speaking of purses, this adorable granny-chic handbag hails from Oakland, at least from the time of my purchase. I bought it back in March from The Discovery Shop at 127 41st St., just off Piedmont Ave., for a mere $12! Granny-chic is one of my fav styles to rock, but I’ve settled into a complacent rut with my usual purse, and it’s high time for me branch out every now and again.


Do you have any accessories that deserve resuscitation? Join me in my mission to revive or release!