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Caroline Yim was born and raised in Queens, NY into a family of creativity. Her father,  a businessman and gemologist  in the prominent Diamond District ( an estimated 90% of US diamonds enter through NY and this district is a central stop) exposed her very early to the  pure, raw form of beauty  in gems and jewelry making.


After being laid off from her job three years ago, she decided to heed the advice pulsing through her veins and follow her true destiny.  Caroline’s pieces are very much inspired by her life and surroundings. Growing up in New York gave her an appreciation for urban culture and  taught her to see the beauty  in a landscape of steel and concrete.  Some of her pieces include razors and rifles “… because [her] only brother is serving a life sentence for shooting/killing someone and the guns for [her] represent protection and in no way do they promote gun violence.” That is a powerful message from Urban Antiq because don’t we all wear our hearts in our style? 1270563_599132056803523_604410536_o

Moving out to the Bay Area with her family in 1991, she was touched by the lush greenery and natural landscapes of California and especially the Bay Area.  With these new inspirations and her spiritual journey through Yoga, came a line that celebrated all these living things around her.

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Her inspiration comes from the different aspects of her life, personality and surroundings. She would like her pieces to inspire the wearers to lead a “positive, affirming and empowering life.” The ultimate goal is to become a global brand and have her line carried throughout the world. With such beautifully made pieces, of course her jewelry would speak to anyone, anywhere.

My favorite Urban Antiq purchase. Gold razor blades dangling from a most delicate oval clasp $12

My favorite Urban Antiq purchase. Gold razor blades dangling from a most delicate oval clasp $12


Caroline at a Pop-Up Urban Antiq showcase

I’ve had the pleasure of catching up with her all around Oakland.  If there’s a big Oakland gathering, chances are Urban Antiq is around. It is a wonderful “traveling art studio” where Caroline is constantly creating original, one-of-a-kind pieces as she showcases her other works and she is always smiling! You can catch her every month at Oakland First Fridays and this coming October she will have a pop up showcase at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall. Stop by and say hello!

Caroline Yim

Caroline Yim