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runway style

RSH has been rearranged since I last saw it. It looks more open, more cozy, like the living room of your classy and well-to-do friend who has charming dinner parties and you bring 2-buck Chuck and feel guilty but she’s super nice and welcoming anyway! RSH is just like that: chic but not intimidating. It’s also getting ready to change its name: RSH will be no more, but will be reborn as Urban Stitch Boutique! I agree with owner Alanna that it has a better ring to it.

spiky local designer bronze

This rad bracelet/hand armor reminds me of Bowser. Who doesn’t want a Bowser hand? Anyone who doesn’t may quietly leave the room before I get too angry at you. My friends can attest that in spite of my small stature I’m a mean, violent sonofabitch.

matching bronze copper jewelry

$24 for the necklace, $18 for the earrings

A matching set of coppery spikes- just perfect for shanking someone with! You might have to sharpen them first. Sorry, I’m still fired up over people who wouldn’t want Bowser-themed jewelry.

natural metal nature leaves

$24 and $28 dollars, L-R

Now, maybe I’m biased here, because j’ADORE woodsy nature imagery. Leaves, trees, foxes (one of my spirit animals): I’m the sucker who’ll be first in line for a makeup line that makes it look like you rubbed your face in autumn-leaf-scattered dirt. I wish society approved of wearing leaves in your long, tangled hair. So duh, I love these earrings. In fact, I have an almost identical pair of leaf earrings that I got at a thrift store. (These ones are a lot nicer than mine, though.)
bird earrings

Put a bird in it! $28

Are birds on things played out? Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a fuck. MORE BIRDS ON MORE THINGS!

PS: pretty much all of these pieces are from Urban Antiq, a local designer! This is part of a push by Alanna to have a selection of affordable local jewelery. Which I fully support, as someone who loves jewelry but hates well-paying jobs.
locally made soap

NOT chocolate.

Apparently, at the last First Friday, a young woman tried to eat this soap. TO EAT IT. Then complained that it wasn’t chocolate. If nothing else, this should convince you to go to the next First Friday. Must be a good time, right?

The real point is, this soap is legit, locally made, and smells delicious. But don’t eat it.

ground vanilla


There is an entire table dedicated to VANILLA and I am deeply in love. There’s ground vanilla, vanilla sugars, vanilla beans…Bury me in a vanilla pod, please! A very large pod. (Sometimes I use vanilla extract instead of perfume. Is that crazy?)

Now, before you get back to watching gifs of dachshunds stuck in sleeves (or whatever it is you people do, but you should be doing that) let me plug a fashion show this Saturday at RSH! There are more juicy deets (direct all complaints about my usage of “deets” to YOUR MOM) right HERE in a write-up from Stri!

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