In a fashion rut ladies? Maybe you’ve said a final prayer for your socks before they’re locked away for the summer even? Do not despair!  Throw those socks on with heels. Yes, with heels! I just felt you cringe, but let’s be clear that we are not talking “shuffling old woman/old man in khaki shorts”  here.  This is not a “trend” to try because it has been worn on grown women since at LEAST the 80’s. Go crazy, be creative and most of all remember, that you CAN pull it off. Attitude doll. Aptitude=Attitude.

You can try this all year round and when the colder months come around, you don’t have to put away your open-toed footwear.

I came across most of the socks I’m modeling below at A Step Forward Shoes. They have a great selection of hosiery, scarves and jewelry and are super friendly.


The lace combo. Think Studio 54. Hella fabulous!



Sexy winter vixen/ I can wear socks with shorts and heels in whatever season I please. Jean shorts, slouchy over-sized “V” neck tee, a wispy useless scarf for color and big ‘ole hoochie thin hoop earrings.



Fun night out with the girls or your current love interest/love slave. Think bandeau top, thin as skin midi skirt, wild curls and lots of bracelets.20140618_225403


And yes! It CAN still be work appropriate. Here are some pictures of inspiration for any occasion.

embellished fishnet socks1

Handmade embellished socks and collars by Viola Jane Designs.

brown socks with shoes

Photo found: http://www.2piezas.com/checked-dress/


Photo found: http://tnkstyle.com/outfit-of-the-day/trend-tuesday-oversized-scarf/

heather gray socks with blue suede heels

Photo found: http://fashionsteelenyc.com/2010/11/my-blue-suede-shoes.html


Photo found: http://lookbook.nu/files/looks/large/2012/05/03/2171473_DSC07035.jpg?1336068911


Photo found: thestylesample.com

tights and socks

Photo found: 4.bp.blogspot.com

red socks with glittery heels

Photo found: images.thesartorialist.com

embellished socks with heels

Photo found: http://marionberrystyle.com/


Photo found: sofiascloset.com

socks with heels2

Photo found: fromcocotololcats.fr

hearts heels with socks

Photo found: misstallulahporkchop.blogspot.com

socks with heels

Photo found: http://lookbook.nu/alanaruas

over the knee socks


SO GO ON! Put a sock in it…

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