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Bella Vita

The inside of Bella Vita makes me feel like I’ve stepped inside a colorful dollhouse (perhaps a wicked wizard transformed me into a doll version of myself, like in that one Goosebumps book! Or was that just a dream I had one time? Either way, joke’s on him because I would actually enjoy being a doll in a fancy doll mansion. I would finally own a tiny grandfather clock!)

Dachshund sundress print

Various sizes, $70

Some people are baby-crazy. Me? I’m dog-crazy. Batshit, certifiably dog-insane. I know I can’t have one (too irresponsible, too poor, never gonna own a house with a backyard) so I lust after other people’s pups. So my doggie-dar instantly went off and I locked onto this K9-themed dress the minute I stepped inside the shop. If I can’t be covered in wiener dogs in real life, this dress will have to do!
There was a cat shirt too, but the only cats I’m obsessed with are those cute/creepy hairless sphinx ones. Cat-lovers, you’ll have to seek out cat-themed clothing without my help.
sleeveless cocktail work

Various sizes, $94, Dear Creatures

I would happily wear this dress to work. I would also recommend this dress to people who still throw Mad Men-themed parties. I KNOW it’s not cool to have those anymore, but I still kind of want to host one. Don’t judge me! You know those “what is your real age” quizzes that always bombard you online? I think my real age is probably around 65. My evidence: I love Agatha Christie, comfortable loafers, and animal-shaped brooches.

Speaking of brooches, my little magpies, let’s scope out the jewelry! Check out these intricate and lovely necklaces from Diamond Dazed (and by the by, the creator works at Pretty Penny on College, just a block away!)

beaded beading

Now, my superfans out there (Hi, Mom!) may remember that I hate and fear butterflies. But here I am, featuring terror-themed jewelry again! What can I say? These are fab.

vintage rings jewelry

Vintage, $32

As a sufferer of growing-out-bangs-syndrome, these sweet bobby pins called out to me. And they’re made my local company Cookie and the Dude! Bella Vita gets double plus points for featuring a bunch of West Coast designers and artists.

handmade bobby pins


Finally, if you’ve got a little kidling in your life who wants to wear her voice, check this sweatshirt. Hella fresh.

children's sweatshirt

Kids’ sizes only. Sorry, grown-ups.

(FACTUAL PS: Bella Vita will be moving locations in the near future! But only a few blocks down College Ave., to the old location of Rockridge Kids. The more you know!)