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I think opening my stocking presents might be my favorite part of Christmas morning. Candy! British cookies! Lipstick! A tangerine! All the little things you didn’t know how much you wanted until you have them. Hey. If you need a little stocking stuffer inspiration, look no further, kid. I got your hookups right here. IT’LL BE A FUTURE SPA DAY IN A SOCK (this sentence makes sense and is very funny to me at 2:15am…let’s see if I still think that at noon).

Top 5 Beauty Stocking Stuffers For the Ladies

  1. Royal Apothic’s Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask ($58 for a set of six, Anthropologie).
    This mask is my Cuppa Cuppa tea. Booo.

    This mask is my Cuppa Cuppa tea. Booo.

    A nice facial mask is something many ladies always want, but would rarely spend the money on themselves. I mean,  c’mon, we have fancy eyeliners and moisturizers to buy. That being said, this is the mask for your lady: it smells delicious, it’s tingly and refreshing, it’s also a gentle exfoliator, and the six tubes come in a super adorable tin that she can reuse later!

  2. A travel sized version of her favorite perfume. Travel Sized PerfsYou just never know when you need to freshen up a li’l. Maybe your lady hits up the gym at some point during her work day. Maybe she finds the scent of her favorite perfume comforting when she’s stressed out. Maybe she loves to eat garlic and onion sandwiches for lunch, is painfully aware that she makes the whole office stank, but wouldn’t give up her favorite lunch for the world. Maaaybe…it’s all of the above. Welp, better safe than sorry with this one…plus, it won’t break the bank like the full sized bottle!
  3. Voluspa Japonica Mini Candle ($10, Anthropologie). Voluspa Goji BerryWhen it’s time for her to sadly pack up all her pine or cinnamon scented candles, this little guy will be there to pick up the pieces. I’m all about Goji Berry and Santiago Huckleberry, but errybody in the club loves Mokara. Choose wisely. But, no pressure, they only have a 25 hour burn time. So if she hates it…you’re good.
  4. L’Occitane Almond Delicious Hands ($12, L’Occitane).  Almond scented things are incredibly comforting to me. And we could all get a little better about taking care of our hands. Or is that just me? Either way, a yummy scented hand creme small enough to fit in your lady’s purse or bag is the gift that keeps on giving. Until she runs out…then, you know…it stops…
  5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Cuff and Goldmine ($20 each, Sephora). When she open’s this, Christmas may be over, but these silver and gold eyeliner pencils will get your lady super jazzed about the upcoming New Year’s Eve parties! I was inspired by fellow WYV makeup lover, Ash, to try these eye pencils and I am in love with them. They stay for days. If your lady isn’t up for the bold silver and gold statement, try the subtler shade Oil Slick (black with silver glitter) to keep the festive spirit going!

Top 5 Beauty Stocking Stuffers For the Dudes

  1. Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave ($11-33, Sephora). Beard LubeThis is a product that a guy might not know how much he loves and covets until you buy it for him. “Eh…Barbasol shaving cream works just as well as anything, right?” WRONG. This beard lube is acts as a 3-in-1 pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin conditioner. I think it would be safe to say that once you go Jack Black, you don’t go back. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
  2. Juniper Ridge Cologne ($35-60, juniperridge.com). Juniper RidgeCrafted by backpackers, hikers and nature lovers, Juniper Ridge distills the rugged and soothing scents of the great outdoors into colognes, soaps, cabin sprays and more. Keep the outdoorsman in your life connected to the places where his heart is the happiest with a little bottle or tin of a Juniper Ridge scent! Or, to just keep him from being a smelly boy, buy him this, a triple pack of deodorant, and hope he takes the hint. “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, put this on now.”
  3. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ ($35, Nordstrom). Kiehl’s sunscreen is oil-free and super lightweight, but is a great moisturizer as well. It’s great for daily use! Or at least for your guy to keep in his ski/snowboard bag to protect his skin and keep from burning while he’s on the slopes.
  4. Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub ($18-30, Sephora). Some mornings, coffee just doesn’t cut it. Help your man wake up and get energized with this invigorating scrub. Packing a punch with menthol and vitamin C, it’ll leave his face feeling tingly and ready to take on the day.
  5. Doc Elliott Mustache Sculpt ($14, urbanoutfitters.com). For the mustachioed man in your life, how could you resist getting him some sculpting mustache wax? It’s practically becoming a living thing and walking into your man’s stocking. Doc Elliott’s is an all natural wax that will nourish and condition his mustache or beard while keeping a firm hold.