1. Wash makeup brushes once a week. IMG_1355

It’s an easy and somewhat therapeutic task. Under a gentle stream of warm water, lather ’em up with either dish soap (for its grease cutting skillz) or shampoo, and rinse until the water runs clear. Clean makeup brushes equals happy skin! Dirty brushes make you break out. Take your pick, people.

2. Drink more water.

I read a fascinating article recently about a woman who began drinking 3 liters of water a day hoping to get rid of her headaches and poor digestion probs. The before and after pictures of her are pretty goddamn impressive. After four weeks, chica looks ten years younger! So, I’ve started to drink as much water as I can recently and I’ve been just as happy with my results. My skin is sooo much happier. The dark circles under my eyes have eased on up. And I rarely look like a complete garbage gremlin in the morning.

3. Eat more skin healthy foods and less junk food.

I’ve been pretty decent about staying away from too much junk food lately (I’m somewhat lying…while eating a bowl of ice cream). Anyway I’ve been doing a good enough job to notice the price I pay when I do eat junk food. Meaning zits. Story time. One night recently, I was super stressed from working retail during the holidays and was, therefore, hating everything. So I ate very close to an entire bag of Trolli eggs. The next morning, the day of our family Christmas Eve party, ZITS. CHIN AND FOREHEAD. Not cool. Thanks, Trolli eggs, ya Grinch sons o’ bishes. Good thing I had my bff, Water, to help me try to bounce back. I drank so much water that day, I could practically hear it sloshing around in my belly with every step. I also ate, like, five tangerines and an avocado and guess what? By the time I had to go to the party, my skin had cleared. It was a goddamn miracle. Ask anyone.

4. Don’t pick!

For me, this is primarily aimed at skin and nails. JUST DON’T EVEN TOUCH. For you, it could be over plucking your eyebrows, maybe. Pls don’t do that. Don’t let the Tweezerman get you down.

5. Keep up the good workout work.

IMG_2350Working out is hugely helpful in lowering my stress levels. For me, stress often equals unhappy skin. I don’t want unhappy skin, as this list proves, so I’m gonna keep working my ass off during my workout. Plus, I mean who doesn’t want to look great naked? And under clothes. And who doesn’t want a strong and healthy body that’s ready to take on anything life throws at it?

Happy 2015, y’all!!!