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Oaklandish is for the true-blue Oaklander who wears her heart on her sleeve (and Oakland on her shirts, earrings, hats, skateboards, water bottles…you get the picture).

As for me, I totally love Oakland (no DUH) but I’m not much of a t-shirt wearer. Or sweatshirt wearer. And the first time I tried stepping foot on a skateboard was also the last. So what’s a dame to do to express her love if she’s like me?

landmarks oakland

Well, THESE. I am absolutely in love with these earrings. Every fool knows the iconic cranes of the Port of Oakland, but I’ve never seen them made into jewelry. About time! I think EVERYTHING should be available in earring form. Check out the designer’s website for more rad jewelry like this (there’s even some SF stuff for those posers across the bay.)

pink fashion oakland

Yes, they come in pink too.

And if you want to go a little more subtle (which usually I’m not a fan of, but in this case they’re also totally sweet) try these:

antiem designs oakland

I only wish I had a third pair of crane-shaped earrings to round out the rule of threes! Alas, I don’t, but I DO have something that the bookworm in me adores:

earrings oakland

made from books oakland

Jewelry made from books! Normally, I would react to this in a way akin to the way Clarisse acted in Farenheit 451. But Yes and Yes assures us that these are unwanted books, not books snatched from under the nose of book-loving-3rd graders or anything.

Now, something simple and uncontroversial:

isobell oakland

These sweet earrings are completely darling and would go with almost any outfit. Sometimes, you don’t want or need sassy or fancy or attention-seeking.

And snazzy earrings are not all that Oaklandish does: they do awesome water bottles, for instance:

water bottle oaklandish

— and what’s more, they are totally involved in the community. I am but a ditzy fashion writer- so look for upcoming articles coming from our Events staff — but Oaklandish is much more than a style outpost. They’re a part of Oakland herself.

So, if you fucking love Oakland and want to make sure the world knows it, you know where to go.