Every summer my family spends a week at Lake Chelan, WA in the quirky, mid-century, shabby-chic house my dad grew up in, which my grandfather built along with plenty of other houses on the lake. When time permits, I swing on over to Spokane for a few days to visit my BFF and her daughter, and while I’m there, I imbibe in a couple of my all time fav pastimes — junkin’ (a term I learned from my long-lost soul sisters, the Junk Gypsies) and thriftin’. Lots of people in Spokane spend their entire life there, and when they die and/or lose access to their storage units, their treasures get dispersed through the cosmic estate thrift yard sale shuffle. Spokane thrift shops have crazy cheap prices, and LOTS of deals — 25%, 50%, 75% off of certain color stickers, which is common many places, but I’ve also paid $5 for whatever I could fit in a grocery bag, and on this trip I wandered into a thrift shop celebrating their anniversary with 50% off everything — including their deal for as many clothes as you can fit in a bucket for $25 (or a whopping $12.50 on that particular day). Estate and yard sales leave lots more room to haggle or name your own price, and the booty is bountiful.

Here are a few of my fav finds from this summer’s excursion. I got almost all of this at an estate sale, where I left with a few big boxes of vintage clothes, towels, fabrics, purses, etc., a cool rusted metal drum (for dog toy storage), and a vintage birdcage all for $30. My mom is gonna kill me, cause I’m not supposed to be bringing any new articles of anything into my junkin’ lovin’ apartment before I get rid of some of the too much I’ve already discovered in thrift shops or on the side of the road, but come ON — these are some amazing finds, and the vintage Gods bestowed them upon me. Who would I be to deny these items a new life with their destiny?


Vintage Fabrics


I scored these calicos for next to nothing from that estate sale, and the polka dot mesh was $1.25 at a thrift shop. While I might sew something out of these, I have them more in mind for my great picture frame wall project. I’ve gathered cheap frames from thrift shops, sales, side-of-the-road, freecycle, etc. for years with a vision of a wall filled with frames featuring cool fabrics, collages, dried flowers, etc. Wall… here I come.


Vintage Orange Art Nouveau Print Top With Drawstring


This shirt looks pretty horrendous, but I was originally drawn to it for the fabric, which I envisioned in my aforementioned frames. However, when I tried it on it actually looked somewhat wearable with the right belt and bellbottoms. We’ll see…



Vintage Suede Coat and Suede Skirt


This suede coat came from the estate sale, and the skirt was $5 (50% off b/c it was anniversary day). I mean, come the fuck on.


The Apron That Is Going To Get This Bric-A-Brac Lovin’ Bitch Back In The Kitchen


I live alone, so sometimes I get out of the habit of cooking, because it’s kind of lame to cook for one. But I know that the body, soul, spirit, and artist in me will feel more fulfilled, healthier, and creative if I put this goddamn adorable apron on and get my ass back in the kitchen.

Oakland_vintage_apron_4I paid $2 (50% off $3.99), and I can even put my cell phone in my lil’ pocket!



Matchy Matchy Polyester skirt and Top


I will brave the polyester ass itch to rock this duo. I just will.


Purses, Purses, Purses


I know, Mom, I cannot justify keeping all three of these leather purses even though there were all a part of that crazy estate lot I scored. Ya know what that means, WYV readers? A couple of these and some of my other finds will be released into the Oakland consignment ether! You are VERY welcome.