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The Goodwill in downtown Oakland is crowded and not terribly organized. You need time and patience to find cute, non-stained clothes in here, but I promise that you can. I went home with three cute pieces for under $30, and spent about 45 minutes searching. It helped having my dear friend Cheryl there so we could make bad jokes about bad clothes and obnoxiously sing along together to the 70s/80s hits on the sound system. Here’s the fabulousness I walked away with:



GAP Gold Star Sweatshirt, $6.99

GAP is usually boring (their tagline last year was “The art of dressing normal.” Snooze) and always overpriced, but occasionally I find a cute item from there at a thrift store. This comfy sweatshirt is covered in shiny gold stars, definitely $7 worth of adorableness. And no, I didn’t buy this to advertise my gold star dyke status, that’s just a bonus.



Xhilaration Flower Print Dress, $11.99

Ok, I overpaid for this one and didn’t remember until just now. The $11.99 Goodwill price tag was stuck to the original Target price tag, where it sold on clearance for $7.49. I meant to point this out but I forgot. So this was not a great bargain, but I am a sucker for zippered flowery dresses, so it was still worth it. I’m wearing it for date night tonight and I feel like a fox.



As U Wish Polka Dot Wrap Dress, $9.99

I have no idea what As U Wish is, but they make cute dresses. This one is comfy, form-fitting and adorable. I am especially into the cloth buttons on the front. Plus, flowy skirts are just so fun and girly and spin-able, which is totally a word, or at least should be.

Grand total: $28.97 (plus tax, shh)

Goodwill’s clothes are a little pricier than stores like Out of the Closet, and the selection wasn’t as varied or interesting. I recommend only hitting up Goodwill during sales like The Winter Blues Sale this Saturday, January 17, with 50% off all apparel at all Alameda County Goodwills.