I just got back from La La Land, where I did a little standup, a little socializing and a little thrifting for you, dear readers. Since I’ve already written about Oakland’s Out of the Closet and Goodwill, I decided to try my luck at their L.A. counterparts. I’ve only taken two short trip to Los Angeles, but I’m finding that my negative assumptions about it are proving to be wrong. (Note to my editor: No, I am not moving to L.A., you don’t need to keep worrying about it, I promise… for at least a year). I’ve found people to be friendly, welcoming, kind and they come in a wide range of sizes and hair colors! I was afraid the thrift stores would only have size 2 clothes, but both places I visited had all kinds of sizes and styles, like all thrift stores. My bad, L.A. people, you’re not all blonde and shallow and tiny. You do suck at driving, though.

ash standup oakland thrift            Out of the Closet: Dress, Kimchi Blue, $6.99; Leaf Belt, $2.50

I have somewhat of a baby-face here and my forehead looks weird, because my friend was sitting just below the stage so it’s an odd face angle. Or I just have a baby-face and a weird forehead and I never noticed before. Regardless, it’s a great shot of the outfit I got at Out of the Closet on Sunset Blvd, which I wore in the Cupcake Vagina Show in L.A. this week. I got this >$10 outfit last August on another L.A. trip, and it’s now a staple in my rotation. It clings to my good parts and flows away from my I’m-self-conscious-about-it parts. I bought the adorable leaf belt with it and I usually pair them, because they’ve been friends for a while. This dress makes me feel both sexy and comfortable, the best possible combination of adjectives for a piece of clothing.



Goodwill: Dress, Princess Closet, $7.99

This dress has pockets! Pockets on dresses are amazing! And the cut of the neckline is perfect for folks like me who are less than well-endowed in the boob department. This picture makes me realize that the pattern goes nicely with my tattoo, so that’s a nice bonus. The Santa Monica Blvd. Goodwill that I patronized was spacious, organized and clean, which is frankly the opposite of the downtown Oakland Goodwill. Score one for L.A. I’m happy with my thrifty L.A. outfits, but I’m happiest that I get to wear them back home. I missed you, Oakland.