You know how the morning after a crazy fun party, when you forget to take your makeup off before bed (big no-no, but it happens to the best of us), you look awesome? More specifically, your eyes are, like, the most perfect imperfect rocker chick smokey eye. What if I told you that you could look badass the night of the party/date, without a million steps and products, and it would take you under seven minutes?

Bettah believe it, chicaaa. Since high school, when I saw the most gorgeous slept in brown smokey eye in an issue of Vogue, it had been a mystery. It plagued me, ladies, PLAGUED ME. But no more. NO MORE. I found a foolproof way to get the imperfect smokey eye. YES. Finally. DJ, please pump Etta James’ “At Last”. Thank you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The usual suspects...

The usual suspects…

  • Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Khaki. I use Khaki and Cocoa for night time looks and Sandglow (great for blue eyes too) and Amethyst (great for brown eyes too) for day time looks. I really love the Caviar Sticks, if you hadn’t noticed.
  • Mascara. You know I love my ScandalEyes.
  • EcoTools Shading Brush (part of the Day to Night brush set).
  • Sephora Blending Eye Shadow Brush 71.

    It's a lot more difficult to take photogenic makeup application photos than I thought.

    It’s a lot more difficult to take photogenic makeup application photos than I thought.

Six steps! Only six steps! Starting up left and going clockwise.

Step 1: Start with one coat of your favorite black mascara. Make sure it’s dried and all that.

Step 2: Using the EcoTools Shading Brush, cover your eyelid in whatever lovely caviar stick shade you have chosen. Get the crease covered a little bit, but not too much. We don’t want to get too crazy here.

Step 3: Using the tip of the EcoTools Shading Brush, line under your eyes below your lashes. Mine line gets pretty thick without looking goth, so don’t be scared. Loosely lining underneath your lower lashes like this will make your eyes look bigger too!

Fourth picture = okay do we all look kind of like this so far? Yes? Yes? Okay moving on.

And these were the LEAST derpy action shots. Good grief.

And these were the LEAST derpy action shots. Good grief.

Step 4: Use the Sephora Blending Brush, go around your eye blending in and softening lines. This is the step that really hits the falling-asleep-in-your-eye-makeup part home.

Step 5: Curl those lashes. Or don’t. I mean, it’s not super crucial.

Step 6: Put on that final coat of mascara. This is always my favorite step because you can see the look come together perfectly right after it is executed.

Kill it at those parties. Crush it on those first dates. Nail it at work.

Sometimes I like it a little darker this, so I just load up a little more on Caviar Stick and blend out a little less with the Blending Brush.

And voila! You are finished.  You’re probably all like, ” Omg! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to achieve but never knew how!” I knowww, right?! That’s exactly how I first felt! We have so much in common! Now go forth to your parties and dates and work days and proceed to crush ’em, kill ’em, and make ’em your bee-ai-tee-see-aych.