I always love the transition of seasons. I adore the crispness that the air takes on as it transitions from summer to autumn. The vivid colors and the crunch of leaves beneath boots… and then I remember, oh crap. I moved to the Bay! We barely get a fall, have a wink of winter, and live in near eternal spring.

Self-Portrait by Katana Fatale. @katanafatale. Used with permission.

Self-Portrait by Katana Fatale. @katanafatale. Used with permission.

Now, I am not complaining for the most part. Temperate weather is my jam. It is simply tricky to transition from Summer Babe to Fall Femme Fatale when our weather is behind the rest of the country for a good month and a half. For me, the quickest way to take my look from one season to another is to start adopting makeup and hair colors from the upcoming seasons palettes. Been wearing a lot of neons? Take it down to some richer tones. Rocking a summery strawberry blonde shade of red, blonde, or a golden hue to your hair? Try a deeper, richer hue like a dark cherry, auburn, plum, chocolate, or even a violet-toned black. Are you one of those fearless queens that has been walking around with pastel braids down to their waist? Maybe introduce some dark shades in there when you are done with pastel, or weave multiple shades through it to make a monochromatic look. Even Katana Fatale took her signature mermaid blue locks down to a raven shade!

The easiest change to any look is a new tube of lipstick. Black outfit, a flick of black liner, couple of coats of mascara, groomed brows, and a lip color – the same daily routine could be completely changed with new lipstick. During the autumn, I usually stay away from glosses. However, the transition from summer to fall is the PERFECT time to gloss up these potentially hard to wear shades. Deep plums, burgundy, violet, brick red, and berry all seem a little easier to use as a lipstain or a wash of glossy color for the novice makeup wearer. Do what I do: pick out your favorite shade from a trustworthy brand, apply and blot to a stain, and then add your favorite trusty clear gloss. Keep blotting it less and less every time you wear it until you are wearing it at full opacity with a liner and matte or satin finish. Less intimidating lip colors that still have a fall vibe to them are warm shades like a copper, burnt sienna, or brick. Portland Black Lipstick Company makes excellent, vegan, all-natural lipsticks. “Bad Penny,” “Chaiborg,” and “Iron Red” are excellent warm shades. If you want something a little more bold, they carry “Original Black,” “Pewter Cauldron,” and “Indigo Bridge.”

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Self-Portrait by Taiausha “Kiwi” Johnson. @the_chinadoll. Used with Permission.

If you aren’t much for lip color, that is fine. You can inject autumnal shades into your eye makeup routine just as easily by switching out a crisp black liner with a smoky eye in shades of black, navy, forest, plum, smoke, and burgundy as well as coppers, golds, and olives. As summer wanes, sometimes I like to do play with warm metallic shades reflective of the warmer color of August and September sunlight. MAC Cosmetics puts out an excellent palette of transitional shades called Veluxe A Trois, as seen on Taiausha. Fall is the perfect time to try bolder, multi-dimensional hues like the carefully crafted, cruelty-free Mon Ennui “Mirages,” crafted by the brilliant Vivi Ennui.

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Ultimately, you can make anything work.  It takes a bit of knowledge, the right products, and skilled application which just comes with time.  Blend the old with the new and allow yourself a bit of freedom.