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Name: Alysse Dalessandro

Age: 28

Location: Cleveland, OH

Blog/Brand: Ready To Stare

Where can we find you on the web? (Twitter, IG, FB, etc) www.readytostare.com, www.instagram.com/readytostare, www.twitter.com/readytostare, www.facebook.com/readytostare. www.readytostare.tumblr.com

"No, honey..."

“No, honey…”

WYV: How do you describe your style?

Alysse Dalessandro: My style is always evolving, but I would say most of all, it’s really bold and unapologetically gaudy. I love tacky patterns and bright colors, but I also sometimes just love to wear all black. I like wearing menswear pieces. I wear ridiculously tall shoes and love socks with sandals. My style is hard to define and I think that’s part of what makes it really great. One thing that is always consistent is that, above all else, I wear what I like and I never let how others think I should feel about my fat body determine what I wear.

WYV: What inspired your brand/blog/project?

AD: I design for my own brand, Ready to Stare, and that also has evolved into my own personal style blog called #StareStyle on the readytostare.com platform. I believed in creating fashion for people who weren’t afraid to stand out, because when you are confident in who you are, people will stare; hence the name Ready to Stare. But when I first started Ready To Stare, I was still scared of putting myself out there as a blogger. For so long, I believed that I was not worthy of being visible in fashion or at all, so starting my own blog was a huge step in my owning my visibility and validity. My blog started as sort of an experiment that I created on unsure footing and has now grown into be a big focus of my brand.

Cutest suit!

Cutest suit!

WYV: Who are your three StyleCrushes?

AD: This is so tough! I have a lot of style crushes! I absolutely love Stacey of Hantise de l’oubli, Mo from Lion Hunter and Isabell from Dressing Outside the Box.

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WYV: Where do you shop?

AD: Ready to Stare, of course! I also love fellow indie brands Chubby Cartwheels, Re/Dress, Proud Mary Fashion, Society+ and Feminine Funk. In terms of more mainstream brands, ELOQUII is one that really gets it right for me.


Alysse wears what she wants.

WYV: How do you wear your voice? 

AD: I think the way I dress has always been my voice before I ever really realized it was. When I felt my lowest, fashion was my salvation. And now that I have learned to love myself, fashion is still something I not only find personally empowering but that I also use as a means to challenge societal norms.