Awesome. I think that MC Hammer pun title really got this article off to a good start.

Alright so…I loved my Body Time experience so much, I’m not quite sure where to begin. PLEASE NOTE: There will be gushing in this article.

This is just a fraction of Body Time's aesthetically pleasing lineup of fragrance oils!

This is just a fraction of Body Time’s aesthetically pleasing lineup of fragrance oils!

Body Time is a company that is focused on YOU (yes, you) and personalizing the products specifically for you. Two words: CUSTOM SCENTING. Many, if not all, of their moisturizers, cleansers and oils are unscented. But, for a small fee, they will mix in your favorite scents and/or therapeutic essential oils! THAT. IS. SO. COOOOOOL. And the staff at the Rockridge store is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable and will help concoct the perfect blend of essential oils for your skin type. You can also go in and create your own signature perfume from scratch (and then mix that scent into all of your lotions and cleansers)!

Or you could stick with Body Time’s world famous China Rain fragrance. This scent is well loved by many including celebs like Nicole Richie! They’ve got a whole area with every and all things bath dedicated to this yummy scent.



When you visit the store, you’ll have a great time shooting the shit with Karen, the super cute store manager/skincare guru. She knows absolutely everything about everything in her store. What are the best products for my ______ skin? What are the best sellers? I use ______, is that bad? I don’t use ______, is that bad? Seriously. Ask her and she will know. And then she will have the perfect product for you and the ideal blend of essential oils to add to that product!

Because of Karen, I left with three products that I am extremely happy with. My absolute favorite being the Aloe Vera Shaving Gel. It is a must have. Especially considering that, since tights season is over RIP, I can no longer get away with not shaving for weeks on end (and I like the feeling of smooth legs…so not shaving isn’t really an option). Only a little bit of this gel gave me a close shave (with a kind of dull razor too) while nourishing my skin. The shave gel is $12.50 for the 8 ounce pump and the bottle is refillable.

THAT REMINDS ME. THIS IS AWESOME. Most of the products at Body Time are refillable! Sooo when you love up all of your product, you just wash the bottle with soap and water and bring it back to the store and they’ll refill it for you! And because you are recycling, Body Time will discount your refill.

This is the prettiest bar of soap I have ever seen.

This is the prettiest bar of soap I have ever seen.


Anyway. I also got the Aloe Vera Freshener to use as a toner and am loving it. It tightens my pores after I wash my face while being gentle and not drying out my sensitive skin. Lastly, I bought this fancy soap with an absolutely beautiful design on it made with goat’s milk and charcoal (AND OOOKAY IT’S LAVENDER SCENTED. I COULD’VE CHOSEN BALSAM CEDAR BUT I CHOSE LAVENDER BECAUSE I’M PREDICTABLE). Body Time has so many amazing soaps, I mean…I practically had a soapgasm when I walked through the door, so I just couldn’t leave without at least one bar.

This sausage fest ain't no lie. Proof that Body Time has all the beauty products a guy could need.

This sausage fest ain’t no lie. Proof that Body Time has all the beauty products a guy could need.

OH! Before I call it quits, if you dudes reading this think that Body Time is just for the ladies, THINK AGAIN. A whole area is dedicated to you gents and your skincare needs. There are shaving brushes, shave gel/soap, aftershave, muscle relaxing bath salts, colognes, body lotions and more! People, guys generally seem to love getting shaving accessories as gifts wink wink nudge nudge.

Want more information? Check out Body Time’s website!

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Visit the Rockridge store (5521 College Avenue in Oakland) and discover for yourself the awesomeness of Body Time.

But, before you go…

SOAP PORN. Feast your eyes upon...SOAP PORN.

SOAP PORN. Feast your eyes upon…SOAP PORN.