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It’s confession o’clock. I have an OkCupid (and Tinder, whatever) account and guess what? I’m not ashamed to admit it. It can be hilarious, fun, exciting, disappointing, silly and, let’s face it, a little creepy. But, I’ve met (sometimes only virtually) a lot of pretty cool dudes. And definitely my fair share of weirdies. In any case, I’ve been going a pretty decent amount of first dates lately. Uuusually, I don’t go on dates with the guys that send things like this (actual messages I have received):





You know…I’ll pass. Thanks, though, guys. Reeeaaally tempting. Because, you know, I normally love being dropkicked!

But, every once in a while, I go on a promising first date and, of course, have a first date look that I love and want to share with you! I love this look because it’s romantic, fresh faced and simple. Let’s get started.

Steps 1-4

Steps 1-4

Step 1: Foundation station! It’s best to dab it on with a foundation sponge!

Step 2: Tightline eyeliner in your upper lashes with a liquid liner. This will make your eye lashes seem, like, ten trillion times thicker and more voluptuous. I used a deep navy color because it isn’t quite as severe at black eyeliner, but gets the job done just as well.

Step 3: With the same eyeliner, tightline at your lashline keeping the line relatively thin and following the shape of your eye.

Step 4: One of my faaavorite steps! You know it! Bronze-hair. Bronzer.

Steps 5-9

Steps 5-8

Step 5: First coat of mascara. By now your eyeliner should be prettaaay dry so when you apply your mascara, you eyeliner won’t get all over your eyelid and make a li’l mess. Which will stress you the shit out before a promising first date.

Step 6: BROWS. BROWWWS. Don’t forget don’t forget don’t forget.

Step 7: Blush. I used a lovely light petal pick color by L’Oreal to keep this look light and fresh.

Step 8: “Stay don’t stray, Face. Pls. You know…I’ma powder you just in case you don’t do what I say.” – The conversation I have with my face as I get ready.

Steps 9-12

Steps 9-12

Step 9: Using a lovely champagne cream eye color (Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Platinum), I color my eyelid above the liner and blend down to the inner corner of my eye to open my eyes a little more.

Step 10: Another coat of mascara on your top lashes and light coat on your lower lashes.

Step 11: Dust on some o’ dat luminizer.

Step 12: Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers are amazing. My favorite shade is Peony. Also the shade I’m wearing in this look. The colors are great, it’s easy to apply mistake free and they hydrate your lips! So…you know…if you guys end up making out…if you’re into that on the first date…I dunno your life story, c’mon.

Boom. You’re all set. That’s it! Now you just need to practice the important looks you’ll give your date.

Definitely made all of these on a date before.

Hopefully you won’t make ALL of these on your next first date.

The “You’re So Cute When Talking About Something You’re Passionate About” Look.

The “Oh, That’s Interesting, Tell Me More” Look.

The “Thank Jesus He’s In The Bathroom Because This Is Going Goddamn Terribly And I Need A Moment To Myself” Look.

The “I Can’t Believe He Took A Call, I Need To Furiously Text My Best Friend About The Absolute Bullshit That Is This Date” Look.

These are best case scenarios of these looks. Usually they end up looking a less put together and at least four times as goofy. But, practice makes perfect.

Here’s a better quality picture of the final look for ya (my apologies for my lame webcam):

Romantic and fresh, exactly how I want to feel on a first date!

Romantic and fresh, exactly how I want to feel on a first date!

I hope that no matter what makeup or clothes you wear, though, you feel confident and beautiful on all of the first dates you go on! Happy swiping!