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Ever wonder what would happen if suddenly you found yourself deep in the throws of Queer Fashion Week surrounded by two of the modeling industry’s top gender binary breakers, Cory Wade and Rain Dove?! Well, I hadn’t quite conceptualized that either, but, as my model self waited for hair and makeup, my Photographer and Journalist selves jumped into action – along with partner-in-creation Sada Reed who was assisting Wear Your Voice for the whole of Saturday’s runway extravaganza and catching every moment from backstage candids to front and center epic-ness. All that and more shall be released in a future article exploring more in-depth my own personal photo essay and experience, but until then, we have provided readers with this teaser showcasing exactly what happens when you spontaneously ask two professional models to #StopDropAndPose amongst the mayhem!


(All photos taken by Photographer Sada Reed, and myself, Rachel Otis, shooting separately and as our team: Truly Yours Photography – contact us for any of your capturing needs!)


From 0 – Model in less than 60 seconds…





You may need to take a deep breathe to prepare yourself for the ferocity of the following photos, which I have chosen as my favorites:




My favorite part of this impromptu experience, is that it truly captures the essence of who I experienced Corey and Rain to be, not just as models but as dynamic humyn beings! To me that means more than capturing any staged or styled experience – plus it came with a hint of modeling lessons for myself leading to this epic shot below, which to me also highlights the importance of visibilizing body diversity! (The best and not-so-secret modeling advice I picked up from the day, courtesy of several sources? Exuding CONFIDENCE is key!)


Thanks for all the backstage antics Cory and Rain, and most importantly, thank you for serving as Queer Warriors visually within mainstream media to continue representing our community and pushing against socially constructed norms (somehow you made it safe and easy for my socially unaccepted body to pose alongside yours – helping me on my campaign to #FuckFatPhobia)!




Stay Tuned to WYV for even more photos and personal moments from the first-ever #QueerFashionWeek Saturday runway show releasing soon!