Prince, live at Coachella.

Prince, live at Coachella.

If you are a Prince fan, you could probably use a bit of good news after this rough year. Would news of vaults of music do it for you? The 57-year-old musician still had plenty of music up his sleeve when he died far too soon in April.

Two men were chosen to manage Prince’s assets and estate: veteran music industry executive Charles Koppelman and the singer’s longtime lawyer/manager, L. Londell McMillan. Koppelman suggested the possible release of many tracks, along with a Prince musical or Cirque du Soleil show based on The Purple One’s work. It’s been a long time since Purple Rain, but some people feel it’s time for another dramatic interpretation of his work.

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But what happens when it’s just about the money and no longer about the music? Without the creator there, who makes choices about the production of such raw art? The intensely private artist’s home, Paisley Park, may also become the new Graceland if those behind the large trust fund have anything to say about it.

“The heirs are probably all very good people, but they’re not music executives,” Prince’s early manager, Owen Husney explained to EW. “My worry is that unless somebody handles it with the exact same mind frame he had, you’ll see some of these songs in a toothpaste commercial.”

With reel upon reel of unreleased material, experts say that we may be hearing “new releases” from Prince well into the next twenty years. We can only hope that a similar love and meticulous ear is behind the crafting and production of the unfinished gems.