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Everyone, especially kids, need to see representation in the fashion industry. These plus-size masculine Instagrammers are serving it up.

The plus-size industry centers feminine fashion, but not all folks identify as women or femmes. Androgynous and masculine looks are awesome, too — and there should be equal representation within the fashion industry.

Everyone, especially kids, need to see representation in film, television and in the fashion industry. We’ve seen that with plus-sized women and femmes, and there’s so much value in seeing that larger masculine bodies can be stylishly dressed, too.

If you’re stuck in a rut and need inspiration, check out these amazing plus-size/brawn/big and tall masculine looks and break free from your fashion funk.

1. Rah Mosley

The 6’10” model Rah Mosley rocks this spring look, which is perfect inspiration no matter what gender you are.

2. Malik Vesselles

Malik Vesselles shows off the perfect spring blazer look. Cool, confident, and fashion-forward, Vesselles is a key blogger to follow.

3. Vicky Pasche

Owner of queer clothing line DapperBoi, Vicky Pasche and their wife are ready to attend a friend’s wedding in great style.

5. Bruce Sturgell

Chubstr’s Bruce Sturgell hangs out outside of the LA.-location of The Plus Bus with friends.

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6. Cocky Creations

A model rocks Cocky Creations on the runway at Queer Fashion Week 2016.

7. Brandon Kyle

Designer Brandon Kyle shows off a gorgeous look in white, neutral and gold for Easter Sunday.

8. Michael-Anthony

Mr. B and Michael-Anthony show off spring suits for all bodies.

9. Ale Rosales

Barbudo Polar, a plus-size men’s fashion blog, is run by fashion maven Ale Rosales. Follow both his person and private blogs for style inspiration.

10. Harvey Guillen

Actor and all-around awesome babe Harvey Guillen shows off a fabulous ’70s skater look.

11. Kavah King

Kavah King of Gentlemen’s Curb shows off his gorgeous locks and serves an amazing casual look.

12. Gabby Rivera

Author, artist, and general badass Gabby Rivera shows us a casual masc look.

13. Syed Sohail

The Prep Guy’s Syed Sohail shows off a signature preppy look well-suited for spring.

14. Nick Holliday

Male plus-size model and photographer Nick Holliday steps out of his comfort zone and into an ASOS outfit for Buzzfeed.