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Black Friday is just awful. Can we all agree on that at this point? I’m glad it seems like we’re all reaching a breaking point where we can all hate on this shrine to obscene capitalism, together. We might be a nation divided on a whole lotta things, but you take the small victories you can.
But there’s no point in being a hater without also suggesting a better way. In this case, I hope we all reject Black Friday and embrace Plaid Friday! Let me explain, with that most valuable of journalistic tricks: the fake interview with an ignorant bumpkin. Hit it, Liz!

Me: So what are your plans for Plaid Friday?

Also Me: Uhhh…Is that the same thing as Black Friday?

Certainly not! Are you allergic to Google, or what? Look it up!

Google is evil.

Ok, fair point. Here’s the deal, then: Plaid Friday is counter-programming to Black Friday, which is a mostly-detestable pseudo-holiday based on convincing the American people that we simply can’t live with ourselves if we miss out on conspicuously consuming. Plaid Friday says: you want to shop? Great! Shopping makes the economy go ’round. But shop right! Shop locally, at your neighborhood’s small businesses.

Cool. So…do I have to wear plaid?

You don’t HAVE to, but why WOULDN’T you? Anyway, I can sense I’ve convinced you. Where are you going first?

I dunno…I’m kind of too full of Tofurky right now to ponder stuff.

Nicely done. Let me do the thinking for you, then. Here are my recommendations for 5 rad places to get your plaid on:

1) Show and Tell

Show and Tell goes all out for Plaid Friday. Remember how I said you didn’t have to wear plaid? Well, you don’t, but they have a Holiday Photo Booth, so you really should. Check out more info here: it’s really a full-blown vendor fair!

candid art jewelry urban stitch plaid friday

Jewelry by Candid Art, a guest designer


plaid friday

Groovy accessories from DaFunkyButton on the left, grungy-chic accessories from a mysterious designer on the right.

And if femme-y, classic dresses are your bag (guilty as charged) then I double-dog-recommend you to stop by, because designs by local twosome Aesti are being featured:

plaid friday oakland wear your voice

So. femme.


Oh, and there’s a thing called Small Business Saturday the day after. Buy anything and you get a free tote bag! Totes cool.

2) Urban Stitch

Rotating Signature designers offering 50% off of high end and specialty pieces. They have over 80 new pieces arriving, as well as their current designer stuff already there. How about some cozy knitwear for whenever autumn weather finally comes, like this lovely line from Myrrhia Fine Knitwear?
urban stitch
Oh, and FREE MIMOSAS from 10am to noon! I don’t care if you’re hungover from Thanksgiving, you don’t turn down a free mimosa.
Also free: one entry into a raffle to win a designer piece from our featured celebrity designer, Monica Chiang. All you have to do is buy something to get entered. I’ve only won a raffle once in my life, and I can tell you: it feels GOOD. All other losers appear unto you as but tiny ants, as you soar up to that celestial field comprised only of WINNERS.


3) Field Day Wearables


Heads up: everything is 25% off on Plaid Friday! Scrooge McDucks, take notice.

field day wearables star wars plaid friday

Yes, that’s a Star Wars print. It might be sold out by now, so don’t get your heart set on it. Don’t worry, they always have a squillion great prints.

And keep FDW in mind for next week’s First Friday: they’ve got art and fashion up the wazoo, as always. What’s a wazoo, you say? Ask your mom, kiddo.

4) Halmoni

It’s no secret I love Halmoni. So I won’t keep their Plaid Friday deals a secret, either: you get a free scarf or earrings with any purchase over $35. Shoes are 50% off! Buy one item of clothing, get one for half off! So many exclamation marks!


I realize this sweet floral print isn’t super “in-season” right now, but that wouldn’t stop me! Here’s another summery look that is just as cute as a button:

halmoni 2

If you’re in a food coma on Friday, all is not lost. Just come the next day, on Small Business Saturday! You can get 25% off purchases over $40. Sweet.

5) Oaklandish

I stopped by this uber-local store a few months ago and was charmed by its funky jewelry and hometown pride. If you got some ca$h to drop, you can get a freebie! If there’s one fact about the human race, it’s that we all love freebies. ALL of us.

wear your voice oakland

6) Solespace

These gorgeous kicks, by designer Mark McNairy, are so close to being plaid that I just had to feature them:

solespace plaid friday shoes

Yes, these are technically mens’ shoes, but their plaid-ish look made them too perfect. Plus, I eschew labels! If your feet are big enough, wear ’em. Or make them a gift for that fashionable dude in your life.

But let’s get back to the real issue: this Friday. Do you like food? Yes. You’re only human. Do you like funky bass? Sure. And you’re a stylish sonofagun, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. So stop by for Beats, Eats, & Fashion for those bare necessities of life.