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So, it’s almost Mother’s Day. (Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten! If you have 2 dads or a shitty Mom, I absolve you from observance of this holiday. Otherwise, you’re still on the hook!) Prove to her that you’ve got your shit together and take her out to brunch (ladies love brunch) looking fabulous (YES, you can ditch the jeggings for ONE day.) I stopped by Pretty Penny in Rockridge for that fabulousness. Let’s do some vintage 60s dresses to remind your Mom of her lost youth and inevitable slide towards death! Like this sweet pink number:


pink vintage flowered dress


pink flowered collar

I’d pair it with this feisty purse for that stylish “pop of color.”

green handbag

Now, this psychadelic shift dress with a high Mandarin collar is…not for the faint of heart. Luckily, your Mom’s hip teen babysitter in the late 60s was not faint of heart, and probably wore this with panache.


60s vintage psychadelic


mandarin collar

I’d pair it with these space-agey silver slippers:

silver pointed flats


(Did you know that in the Wizard of Oz book, Dorothy’s slippers were originally silver instead of ruby? If you did know that, ZIP IT! Let me have this moment.)


flowered dress 60s


pale green bodice

Now, your mom herself probably wore this little flowered frock- when she was about 7 years old. Normally I don’t approve of grown-ass women dressing in clothes that make them look like prepubescent girls, but why make fashion rules if you’re not going to break them? Just don’t do anything dumb like pairing this dress with strappy stilettos or something: that can go Lolita REAL quick. Instead, try these comfy sandals:

brown sandalsBefore I left I couldn’t resist buying myself these ridiculously huge, glam sunglasses (they’re only $13!) When you wear them, you simply can’t help affecting a haughty bitch-face, and I love them for that.


I take my bitch-face inspiration from Betty Draper

Now go out there and have a goddamn mimosa. Hell, have two! You’ve earned it. Don’t forget to buy Mom one too.