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Good morning WYV FANS! WAKE UP!

Lets try something new. Every week I will choose my best outfit of the week and if I am having a particularly good week I will show you more! Why don’t you join me?

Rules of the game: something has to have been purchased in Oakland, the idea behind this is to start dressing consciously.

What is conscious dressing?
Well, the shop local thing is not a new movement or a new age millennial fantasy it’s been here all our lives, mom and pop shops, what we call ”corner stores” in England have and are becoming a thing of the past, not anymore! Wear Your Voice is a local magazine, focusing on local people and their businesses – stores, books, art, fashion, it doesn’t stop there, it stops right at #supportlocal #shoplocal.

So here it is, my outfit of the week.

Full disclosure I am a black on black on black person, which means I wear a lot of it, in an attempt to not look like I am in a permanent state of mourning I always have a slight edge to my outfit a pop of something. Why black? Why not? Plus I am an entrepreneurial mum of two kids under 5, need I say more?

This week I bring you: and…what do you think?



YES, YES I took the photo in San Francisco, I went for a browse, hey I have to leave Oakland sometimes! But I went in my OAKLAND gear!

Sporty black quilted jacket: Crossroads, Rockridge, approx $40 (sorry will take better notes next time)
Shoes: Off white Oxfords: Crossroads, Rockridge, $30
Scarf – H&M – Year 2013
Pants- H&M-  Year 2013
Belt: Anne Taylor – Year 2012
(fyi Any black/white/grey/red/orange top/cami or tee would work perfectly here)

Now, this is the important part to remember, the sunglasses, it’s all in the eye gear- I would prefer the mirrored pair above to what I actually wore, these darlings are by Illesteva Leonard, $177 – yes that is all! I know a lot of you are thinking that’s expensive honey! Well not really, if you are looking for quality you are going to have put down the bucks. But alas, I always have another option for you! Pop down to Lakeshore, Sway or Collage – they will have what you are looking for.



FYI- I am working on these, Cole Haan, $198- YES, I know, hey, but it’s my 7 year wedding anniversary coming up and you know what they say about the 7 year itch?-  this may well help alleviate the problem… just sayin’ – or I could just keep playing with my Crossroad lovelies up there…


Get involved Oakland, show us what you are wearing this week!