Outfit Of The Day – Ayana Ivery

Check out Ayana's DVF shoes!

Check out Ayana’s DVF shoes!


Ayana Ivery possesses her own tropical, casual style – she adores Diane von Furstenberg shoes, and she loves the coral and turquoise floral print in this particular dress. In addition to representing her own style, she also creates gourmet fashion. Her L’Oven Fresh aprons and potholders (pictured on the dress forms and rolling cart at Urban Stitch Boutique) combine bold, vibrant prints with traditional trims, such as eyelets, polkadots, and ribbon, mixing textures and colors along the way.

Ayana_OOTD_Oakland_street_style_4When asked how she got into creating her kitchen couture, Ayana answers, “I was actually making cupcakes for an event, and I decided I would make some aprons to go with them, and people really loved the cupcakes, and they LOVED the aprons, so I decided to just stick to the aprons.”

Ayana_OOTD_Oakland_street_style_2She goes on to add, “Later on, I found out that my great-grandmother made aprons, and my grandmother sold them. So it was after I started making the aprons that I found out I’m supposed to be doing this!”

Ayana_OOTD_Oakland_street_style_3She’s grateful to live in Oakland, where people are free to “express however you want to dress. It’s always felt like a warm and open place to be able to do that.”

Ayana_OOTD_Oakland_street_style_6Check out her goods and blog on her website, lovenfresh.ca, and her instagram account, #lovenfresh!