Whether you forgot someone on your christmas list or you are ready to do some post christmas shopping with the money your were gifted, Oakland has some amazing local shops for everyone!

Crimson Horticulture:

Allison & Lonna both came from a gardening and floral background and share a love for design and well-crafted things. Crimson loves working with plants and flowers in unexpected ways and enjoy using unusual and distinct vessels.


20141221_1296 (2)


Chive Pot & Saucer- Pewter, $13 Potted with Cactus, $5-$9

 Crimson Textured Silver Pot, $30 Potted with Air Plant, $15

 Crimson Badger Skull, $47 (Other Taxidermy Options Available)

20141221_1355 copy

Custom Made Terrarium at Crimson Upon Request with Air or Potted Plant- , $75

 Saboten Shovel, $9

 Crimson Iron Sheers for Manicuring Plants, $11

 Erin Smith Bowl, $16 with Air Plant, $5

 Brass Mister, $33

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Hand-Made Butterfly Portrait by Lonna Lopez, $168

 Chive Pot & Saucer- Sky Blue, $13 Potted with Cactus, $5-$9

 Katey Von Lehamn- Hanging Ceramic Planter, $75

 Saboten Shovel, $9

Shop on Location:

470 49th Street

Oakland CA 94608



SOBU is a modern bohemian furniture and design company founded online in 2011 by husband and wife designers Laleh and Alessandro Latini.SOBU believes the world is a miraculous place and we are all so lucky to be here together. As passengers, we share the responsibility of enjoying our time here, as well as passing along our respect for each other and our precious earth to future generations.




Alessandro Latini, Otto Side Table $234

Alessandro Latini, Reclaimed Teak Rocker $594.00

Bloomingville, Large Glass Beaker Vase $16

Bloomingville, Small Glass Beaker Vase $12

Bloomingville, Italian Candle $1.00

Felt Pillow, $135

Bloomingville Copper Wire Candle Holder, $78

Hexagonal Cork Placemat, $10

Heather Chan Plates

Shop on Location:

5451 College Ave.
Oakland CA

Marion and Rose:

Marion & Rose’s Workshop features a well-edited collection of finely handcrafted, heirloom quality goods made in the U.S.A. They stock high quality, well crafted items by a select group of innovative American designers, artisans, and craftspeople.



Rifle Paper Company “Herbs & Spices Illustration”, $60

Corbé Company California Plate, $78 (Can be used for home décor or baking)

Peg and Awl Lunch Bag- Spice Color, $44

Paulova Ceramics Salt & Pepper Holder- Buttercup Color, $38 set

St. Lawrence Ceramic Planter, $75

 Candy Relics Ceramic Mason Jar, $24

 Shop on Location:

461 9th Street

Oakland CA



Hatch Modern Ecolifestyle:

Hatch Modern Ecolifestyle aims to bring together and share eco-designers who use alternative or discarded materials. Hatch supports recycling, fair-trade and natural resources use.


(Left Image)

Victoria Laser Cut Leather Necklace- Silver, $48

Victoria Laser Cut Leather Earing- Silver, $48

(Right Image)

Bead Copper Bracelet, $16

 Recycled Record Album Earrings with Copper, $42

 Recycled Record Album Necklace with Copper, $42

(Left Image)

Fruit Bowl 96 (his fruit bowl is handmade by gluing 96 different pieces of 4mm birch plywood together!), $248 

Hatch Salt & Pepper Shakers, $21

 Re-Bike Mirror (Recycled Stainless Steel Bike Pieces), $28

 (Right Image)

Coin Pouch by CoIN & Out (Recycled Leather), $13.50

 Hatch Recycled Cork Wallet, $88

Recycled Pull Top Bracelet, $24

Fabiana Bezerra Bangles (Set of 6)- Black/Gold, $46

Fabiana Bezerra Bangles (Set of 6)- Gold/Silver, $24

Shop on Location:

2054 Mountain Boulevard (between Medau Place & La Salle Ave)

Oakland, CA 94611


Babydoll Finds:

Hand-made by the 1 woman army Teisha, she provides cutesy accessories with an edge inspired by 90’s retro.

Shop Online Only: http://babydollfinds.bigcartel.com/

Pink & Gold Choppa, $16

Eye Candy Bracelet & Choker Set, $40

Simplistic Choker, $23

MJ Choker, $23

Featured Photography by Elena Kulikova, “Earth’s Fantasy”- $100

(Left Image)

Selective Shawty Corded Necklaces, $15 Each

(Right Image)

White Leather Choker, $16

Pink & Silver Choppa, $16

Humble Salve:

All-natural body care products responsibly handcrafted in an urban oasis by Elena. Humble salve is made with local and sustainably-harvested beeswax, but butters, and plant oils. The products are free of added scents, essential oils, chemicals, and additives.

Read More: http://www.humblesalve.com/

Online Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/HumbleSalve



Coconut & Shea Butter Lip Balm, $5

Hand Salve (Comes in Mini or Regular Size), $9-$12

Red Clay Lip & Cheek Stain, $10

Bentonite Clay Sugar Scrub Cubes, $12

Mango Butter Lotion Bar, $18

Where to Buy:

Marion & Rose’s Workshop

LuckyLo Art Gallery & Boutique (560 2nd Street Oakland, CA )

Dandelion Flowers & Gifts (1419 Park Street, Alameda, CA)

Crown Nine:

Crown Nine is the flagship boutique of ‘Best Of’ jewelry designer Kate Ellen, and named Top 100 Shops 2014  by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Kate Ellen works in her lofted studio above the shop, located in the heart of the historic Old Oakland neighborhood.  Crown Nine houses a curated selection of semi-precious and fine jewelry handcrafted by some of the country’s best talent.


(Left Image)

Clavo Earring- Sterling Silver, $100

Big Sky Necklace- Silver, $150

Round Stackers (Rings) by Kate Ellen, $250

Crystal No. 1 by Peter St. Lawrence, $55

Big Sky Earrings, Silver/Bronze Combo, $125

(Right Image)

Birch Earrings by Kate Ellen,$95

Rarity Silver Pyramid Necklace, $150

Rarity Lumen Necklace, $150

New Leaf Extracts: New Leaf Extracts by Amy Daniel are simple and effective products that are based entirely on the rich medicinal properties found in plants and flowers. The herbs she uses come from local, organic, and sustainable sources. Only the highest quality oils and ethically harvested salts and clays make up their products.



Boo-boo Balm, $14

Relief Body Oil, $16

Floral Trio, $14

Relax Bath Formula, $16

Where to find our products :

Healthy Life Vitamin Store
6130 Medau Pl
Oakland, CA 94611

Modern Mouse
2228 S Shore Ctr, Ste A
Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 814-8830

Lakeshore Natural Foods
3321 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 452-1079

Production: Them Creative Agency

Art Director/Head Still Life Stylist: Elizabeth Zepeda

Assistant Still Life Stylist: Alysha Lyster

Photographer: Juan ALvarado

Model: Katelyn D Johnson