The unique culture and life of Oakland, California at its best. Lake Merritt brings all kinds to its columns, playgrounds, grassy expanses, and beautiful sunsets. It is a hub of life and activity. On any given day you will come across laughter, tears, squeals of delight from the crumbsnatchers at the playgrounds, white cotton clad Capoeira battles, “the man who plays the saxophone” (that’s what I’ve always called him), people chillin’,  living life, hopefully loving it and taking advantage of the many different landscapes and experiences that Oakland’s Lake Merritt has to offer. There is no other place like it.LMC & CO3

LMC & Co. ( Lake Merritt California & Company) is a brand founded on its love of Oakland. Its joys and it sorrows that make it uniquely awesome. Though we don’t have a beach here in Oakland, LMC & Co. is the answer to our chill beach/lakeside style.

The company was founded by Oaklander Vic Gauthier in 2011 and since I have seen his hoodies, letterman jackets, caps, sweet tees and tanks all around town. I finally caught up with him at neighborhood cafe/bar  Room 389 (apparently that’s where all us cool cats hang out).

I am in lust with the patterned brims on these caps! lmc&co2

lmc&co These dolman-sleeved shirts are perfect for the lazy summer days up ahead. His apparel is soft, excellent quality and perfect for us ladies who want subtle pops of color.

To check out more of what LMC & Co. has to offer, visit their website:

LMC & CO4 You’ll find Vic chillin’ around Lake Merritt. Say what’s up! That is what Oakland and LMC & Co. is all about. Spread the love.