I’m sure many of us share the same love/hate relationship with Whole Foods. The food (holla at the soup and salad bar) is delicious, but the prices are disgusting. Hence the “Whole Paycheck” nickname popular with dads across the nation.

For me, however, the beauty aisle of Whole Foods is almost impossible to resist. Also the Chantilly Cake. The Chantilly Cake is actually impossible to resist. In fact, stop reading this, speed over to your neighborhood Whole Foods, pick up a slice and we’ll reconvene in twenty minutes.

Okay. Great. Now that you’ve got your Chantilly Cake (welcome to the first day of the rest of your life/isn’t the frosting-berry combo killing you right now?!), le’me share with you my Whole Foods beauty haul!

A bit of a motley crew for this beauty haul, I suppose...

A bit of a motley crew for this beauty haul, I suppose…

Anti-Bug ($12), Cheerful Mind and Stress Soother Tins ($8)

Anti-Bug ($12), Cheerful Mind and Stress Soother Tins ($8)

Badger Balm Anti-Bug Shake & Spray ($12)- I’ve been getting eaten alive at my rehearsal for Pride & Prejudice on Shady Shakespeare’s outdoor stage lately and I’m not having it anymore. These mosquitoes are going to meet their maker. Hopefully. I love Badger Balm products and I have since purchasing the Stress Soothing and Cheerful Mind balms. Both scents are incredibly comforting and the balms make your skin baby soft. So, naturally, I have high hopes for the Anti-Bug Spray. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and all that good stuff…but, if you want to be even more eco-friendly, here’s a homemade bug spray recipe that I didn’t have enough time to make. Let me know if that works out for you!

365 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil ($10)- You’ll need this if you decide to try out that homemade bug spray. Other than that, this one goes without saying…but, I’ll remind you. Have a canker sore? Tea Tree. Have a cut or scrape? Tea Tree. Have a really terrible headache? Tea tree. How about a shitty cough and some congestion? Yuuup. Tea Tree. Tea Tree is awesome and Whole Foods’ 365 brand give you a lot more tea tree oil for your buck. Boom.

The best lip balm ever, huh?

The best lip balm ever, huh?

Waxelene Lip Tube ($4) – Okay, this was one of those impulsive check-out stand buys. I was all ready to go, then BAM, I got hit with “THE BEST LIP BALM EVER”. Right, like I was going to pass up that opportunity. Come on. Since trying it, I have found that it is not, in fact, the best lip balm ever, but it’s still pretty awesome. The tube is super convenient and the balm goes on easily and stays on for a while. Plus, it has a lovely and light rosemary scent. Totally worth the buy. It’ll definitely be one of my lip balms of choice for a while.

Kiss My Face Olive Oil & Aloe Body Moisturizer ($12) – The Kiss My Face brand gets a lot of love from natural beauty lovers and being in the market for a lightweight summer moisturizer, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a shot. There are some lotions that feel heavy on my skin ALL DAY LONG. And I hate it. It’s just awful. Especially in the summer when I already feeling sweaty and gross 24/7. This moisturizer is light and has a mellow sweet scent. Perfect for summer. But, it takes a little while to rub in…so…hope you don’t mind that.

The Diva Cup ($40) – Yes. I am a Diva Cup user and have been for three years. I love it and do you have aaany idea how exactly much I save every year from not buying pads and tampons? Okay, well, neither do I, but I know it’s a lot. Plus, my vagina is pretty stoked that I don’t put gross tampons in it anymore. Just think about it.

Sure, I'll say yes to some bluebs.

Sure, I’ll say yes to some bluebs.

Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Eye Firming Treatment ($20) – I’ve used this before and I’m coming back to it. This might be my favorite eye cream of all time. It moisturizes the delicate eye area without burning and reduces wrinkles in an incredibly short amount of time. I’ve always tried to keep the products around my eyes as natural as possible. Seems like a pretty smart idea. Just in case…you know…blindness or something.

What are some of your all natural beauty products? How about your favorite Whole Foods beauty finds? Let me know. Give me another reason to grab a slice of Chantilly Cake. Please.