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Guys, I’ve been with Wear Your Voice for one year! So, this week, y’all are hearing from my mum. I grew up inspired by her natural and inner beauty. So, it’s only fair that you finally meet her! Wear Your Voice readers, my mum, Kirsten! (Handin’ the mic over to her now.)

I grew up with a mother who could schuss down any mountain and had a golf handicap that rivaled the men’s in my hometown. She was one of the first women to teach P.E. at Compton High. She still tells tales of being snubbed by her male colleagues. Bad ass, right?

When I was a teenager, I loved watching her at the net, smashing the tennis ball past her opponents. I also loved watching her apply lipstick. Her lips reminded me of Lucille Ball’s, my idol then. Last year, Estee Lauder re-released their old-school gold tubed lipstick that reminds me of her. Check out Pinkadelic, my spring fave.

Look at that dress! FAB!

Look at that dress! FAB!

My mother really didn’t care much about make-up and clothes. I, however, was born different — fascinated more with fashion than beauty. Still I had a beauty creed of sorts: 

  • Lathering on sunscreen in my 20s to make up for all the damage I did in my teens.
  • Having regular facials in my 30s to slow down the clock.
  • Adding monthly glycolic peels at my dermatologist’s to my aging tool box in my 40s.
  • Going back to basics with exercise, nutrition and prayer (!) in my 50s.

Now I have a daughter who is a beauty writer, among many things. It completes the circle for me, somehow. It also makes me wonder from time-to-time what she remembers about the beauty creed I tried to share with her over the years. So, I asked her. Here’s what she said.

1. Brows. “We started with brows. You wouldn’t let me touch them.” I have always said that eyebrows are the most important part of a person’s face, uniquely framing features and revealing character. You just can’t come back from an over plucked brow…especially the wings. So find yourself a good make-up artist who can help you discover the brows God gave you. Then enhance them a bit. My lovely girl-child is living proof of this part of the creed. My favorite brow pencil: Aveda Eye Definer in Sepia. I’m also obsessed with Itractive’s Dual Brow Highlighter.

The weird faces she makes wouldn't be nearly as effective without her strong brows!

The weird faces she makes wouldn’t be nearly as effective without her strong brows!


2. Lashes. “Then I snuck mascara.” I’m a firm believer in letting a child be a child for as long as possible. I’m not sure when it was that I allowed Laura to wear make-up…but it was most likely around 13 when I also relented on the pierced ears (“If God had wanted you to have holes in your ears”…wait, that was also MY mom!). As for me, I’ve always been a Great Lash girl, believing that the only make-up you shouldn’t buy at a drug store is perfectly matched foundation. Recently, though, I’ve taken a walk on the wild side with my new mascara obsession: YSL Baby Doll Faux Cils…leaving just a trace of blue on my lashes. And for fancy, I love adding Younique to the mix, like Laura shared recently.

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Mile long lashes.

Mile long lashes.

3. Skin. “La Mer moisturizer. You bought me that to help with my skin. No picking was also a big one.” La Mer, enough said. I’ve recently found a budget-friendly alternative though: Nivea Crème. I could go on and on about the merits of Nivea. Bottom line: there are two types: one made in Germany and one in Mexico. Most stores in the US carry the one made in Mexico. I’ve tried both and found the German formula to be closest to La Mer. La Mer, however, is lighter so I find myself using the Nivea every other day because of my (still) oily (!) skin. Oh, and picking is NEVER good.

Both these Wear Your Voice girls know how to embrace the natural look!

Both these Wear Your Voice girls know the importance of skincare to get fresh and glowing skin!

4. Natural. “And keeping it natural too. You’ve always done that and that’s always been huge inspo for me.” All a girl really needs is a rockin’ Farrah Fawcett-do and a mean tan. Am I right?

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Mmm...loved that outfit.

Mmm…loved that outfit.

Ravneet, founder of Wear Your Voice and champion of representing women and redefining media, recently shared a post exploring “What I Teach My Son When I Say I’m Fat.There is nothing more important than what we teach children. Be thoughtful and vigilant. The circle depends on it.

Apple Hill brings out the beauty in everybody.

Apple Hill brings out the beauty in everybody.