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Maya Songbird, "regal slut."

Maya Songbird, “regal slut.”

This month’s featured artist playlist is by Maya Songbird. Singing since she was four years old, the San Francisco native celebrates her seventh official year creating music with her release, “Write My Life.” The album has a futuristic but mellow, neo-soul groove running through the seductive seven song album offering. “I’m so pussy powered,” she said. “I’m excited to be a voice for the wild, weird women who are not afraid.”

Maya Songbird's Music Monday playlist.

Maya Songbird’s Music Monday playlist.

Read the WYV interview with Maya Songbird here.

This week’s Music Monday playlist is curated by Maya Songbird and available via Spotify. This playlist really runs the gamut! Reaching backwards to pay respect, Maya presents artists such as The Whispers and Teena Marie in a new light, as well as looking forward with Low Leaf, Taylor McFerrin (son of Bobby McFerrin), and Flying Lotus. Much like Maya’s own music, the whole mix is ripe with sensuality with moments like Tracy Thorne singing “I want your love and I want it now” to Makaveli assuring you that “you can call (him) daddy.”

Maya’s eclectic but soulful Music Monday playlist is a great aural trip from past to present. “My soul has lived on other planets,” she said. “That’s why I’m so weird on Earth. Can’t see my life existing without The Whispers and The Isley Brothers. I enjoy music with layers that come unfolded as you dive in with your ears. Always up for the journey to explore and hear.”

If Maya looks familiar, it may be since we featured her and her awesome family in the #MoreThanMom this Mother’s Day. Maya is mother to a budding young artist who happens to be a really awesome young man. You can check the project out here.

You can find Maya Songbird’s work via Soundcloud and YouTube. To keep up with what’s new, follow her on Facebook Instagram, and Twitter.