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Music Monday 8/29

This week’s Music Monday is an eclectic mix of chilled-out tunes with a nod to several of the brilliant artists featured at this year’s Afropunk festival in New York City.

We start the playlist with Shilpa Ray’s amazing, brand-new single, “When Doves Cry.” The song is an incredible tribute to the irreplaceable music legend, Prince — but sung with Ray’s signature growl.

If you are more familiar with ’90s hip-hop than with Grace Jones’ work, sadly you are in good company with most American millennials. The incredibly catchy hook from “My Jamaican Guy” is probably, for many folks, more familiar from L.L .Cool J.’s 1997 hit, “Doin’ It.” Jones recently replaced M.I.A. at the London Afropunk festival.

Trip-hoppers Massive Attack are still alive and well, collaborating with Afropunk contributors Young Fathers for the track “Voodoo In My Blood.” Actress Rosamund Pike stars in this deeply unsettling music video from Massive Attack’s 2016 release, Ritual Spirit. Viewer discretion is advised: it is a bit violent, and deeply unsettling.

While we are still waiting for more new tunes from brilliant emcee Angel Haze, we want to show the “Werkin Girls” masterpiece again. From her sharp lyrics, incredible delivery and impeccable Aaliyah-meets-glam-Freddy-Kreuger aesthetic to the foil-faced villain and pouty jump-ropers, this 2012 video is 100 percent worth re-visiting.

Queer singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Emily Wells creates a gorgeous song of queer love with “Pack of Nobodies.” The video is directed by her longtime friend, actor Ben Foster. The deeply moving video weaves together the story of five couples through various stages of their lives.

“I just loved it and it spoke to a question, a line of questioning, which I will spend the rest of my life asking. How do we take care of each other and what does the word ‘we’ mean? It’s five story lines — we build five different worlds and the game became about intermingling them and their difference were their similarities and that was very appealing to build with Ava [cinematographer],” Foster says of their collaboration.

Chilean dream-pop band Parrot Dream creates hazy soundscapes with gorgeous feminine vocals and shoegazey guitars. Recently relocated from Santiago, Chile to New York City, the band brings with them gorgeous layered melodies perfect for the transition from summer to fall.

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