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Music Monday: Deerhoof, Sampa The Great, Alex Anwandter, and FKA Twigs.

Music Monday: Deerhoof, Sampa The Great, Alex Anwandter and FKA Twigs.

This week’s playlist is full of new and recent music from brilliant artists like Deerhoof, Sampa The Great, Alex Andwandter and FKA Twigs as well as AlunaGeorge, Bat For Lashes, Broods and Holy Fuck.

As we repair from the stress of the last few weeks, enjoy the much more mellow vibe of this playlist. This week’s playlist is a reflection of the temporary nature of life, love and everything within them. We start out with Saul Williams’s “The Noise Came From Here,” which serves as a reminder of the core of the Black Lives Matter movement: Ferguson, Missouri. It can also be interpreted as a reminder of the core of life and music: Africa.

In the video, Williams walks barefoot through the streets of Ferguson, a city ripped apart by systematic racism that resulted in the tragic murder of teenage boy, Mike Brown, at the hands of the police and ignited the crucial Black Lives Matter movement through a simple tweet of solidarity.  According to the FADER, the two men accompanying Williams in the video are Marcellus Buckley, a poet and a good friend of Michael Brown, and Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, who was arrested while he knelt in prayer during the protests in Ferguson following Brown’s death. As you listen to the playlist, take a minute to remember what Williams points out with this beautiful opener: the noise came from there.

Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa Tembo fell in love at an early age. Now based in Sydney, the young artist has created a beautiful discography of music that is both activism and art filled with as much heart and style as it is thematically socially conscious.

Deerhoof returns with its newest release, The Magic. It truly is magical to see this band keep their brand of bizarre indie rock fresh after all these years. This album was produced in the New Mexican desert in a mere week! A collage of “punk, pop, glam, hair metal, doo-wop, hip hop and R&B, late-night car rides, long days, attitude and spandex,” several of the tracks were produced for the HBO television show, Vinyl.

Álex Anwandter is a queer Chilean singer-songwriter. He gained fame with the band Teleradio Donoso and now creates absolutely infectious pop gems like his most recent single, “Amiga.” Citing Michael Jackson as his biggest influence, Anwandter has taken Jackson’s brilliant pop lessons to heart and created the perfect Pride summer anthem.

While a February release certainly does not make it “new,” FKA Twig’s “Good To Love” is still not to be missed. Her beautiful brand of bittersweet, vulnerable music is an ethereal combination of R&B, indie singer/songwriter and modern electropop.

We simply had to share this bonus, even though it is not on the playlist. If you are a big Miguel fan, you have been waiting for new material for way too long. GOOD NEWS! He delivered for us with the new track, “Come Through and Chill,” produced by Salaam Remi. It is currently only available through SoundCloud, but you can listen right here!