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Music Monday: Latinx Heritage Month Part 4.

Music Monday: Latinx Heritage Month, Part 4 featuring Wisin, Trina, Tei Shi and Jhene Aiko.

This week’s Music Monday playlist is the fourth and final installment of the Latinx Heritage Month playlists. It focuses on super-danceable hip-hop, reggaeton, R&B and some other surprises. What could be a more fun way to continue a beautiful celebration of diverse identities than dancing your way through it?

Luny Tunes featuring Don Omar, Sharlene and Maluma are behind the incredibly fun “La Fila.” The video is as energetic and entertaining as the song itself. It features tons of different people of different skin colors dancing their asses off along the L.A. River. While it could have used a few bigger bodies, they did an incredible job casting for talent and diversity. You’ll find yourself dancing and singing along to “La Fila” in no time.

Trina is still one of our favorite baddies out there and basically your boyfriend’s worst nightmare, at least according to her song “Fuck That,” or the clean version, “Forget That.” The half-Dominican artist proves that she’s still relevant, talented and pushing boundaries with this track, which promotes self-love and independence. Her killer style is not to be missed, either.

Speaking of baddies, we have more Ivy Queen because she’s strong, amazing and always on point. The video for “Vendetta” looks as good as the song sounds as it travels through years of Queen’s time within the music industry, alternating footage of old performances with the current video.

There’s a lot to like about Tei Shi. The Argentinian-turned-Brooklynite plays with sounds and ideas, layering them over each other to create electropop collages of breathy vocals and ’80s synths. Tei Shi’s video for “Bassically” is full of super low-budget guerilla fun and killer style because, well, it’s Tei Shi. If you like Grimes, Lana del Rey and Blood Orange, you’ll probably enjoy her work.

This playlist concludes our Music Monday exploration of Latinx Heritage Month. Stay tuned next week for new sounds!

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