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It felt like it had been a while since I’d stopped by Resurrect, in its cozy hidey-hole on Piedmont Avenue, so I emailed Kate, the shop’s owner, to see if I could pop in for some pics. She greeted me warmly when I entered, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit pleased that my reputation as a world-class fashion journalist had begun to precede me.

But not 2 minutes later, after a customer entered and was also given the royal treatment by the friendly Kate, I realized that she’s simply that welcoming. I was deflated but recovered fairly quickly. I’m resilient like that.


The most noticeable change since the last time I’d been to Resurrect was that there was MORE. More clothes, both vintage and modern, more artwork on the walls, more tables showcasing new jewelry, more colors, and more patterns bursting from every rack. I am a maximalist, so I adore this. Let’s take a look at some of the eye-popping patterns I spotted:

$112, Noeworks

$112, Nooworks

noeworks printed dress

A sturdy, locally-made dress covered in lions and tigers? Oh my! Nooworks is totally adorable, too: next time you’re in the Mission in SF, check out their brick and mortar.

$72, Margarette Laizure

$72, Margarette Laizure

skirt patterned

Margarette Laizure is another local designer. I liked this practical and 70s-influenced skirt (with pockets!) She also made this fabulous eyeglasses-printed dress:

$144, Medium-Large

$144, Medium-Large

Now, feast your eyes upon the dress of my 3rd grade fantasies:


$120, Field Day Wearables


Dragons, flying unicorns, and wizards. I’m almost crying here from the beauty and wonder of it all.

Oh, and PS: you can see more of the new collections from Margarette Laizure & Field Day at the recent OFN Make it Reign fashion show that the other WYV fashion writer Stri (don’t worry, it’s not a Highlander thing here. There CAN be two of us!) covered exclusively for WYV.  Check out this collective of Bay Area designers: Part 1 and Part 2

Now, for the gentleman in your life, or for the dapper androgynous dressers among us (I love a lady who can pull off a menswear-inspired look) some fancy, silky ties! Owls are still so hot, aren’t they? I support this continued owl-trend, as they are one of the few adorable birds out there. Most birds just give me Hitchcock heebie-jeebies with their beady, cold eyes.

ties men's printed

$21, Field Day Wearables

These are made by Field Day Wearables, who I’ve visited before (and coveted their beautiful sheet dresses, made by owner Trinity Cross.)

For the more minimalist dressers, you can find pieces to suit your needs too! But why not let loose a little? Sometimes, more is more, darling. Soak it up at Resurrect.