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Visit Tatyana @ 1529 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

When I hear the term “pinup girl” my initial thought used to include visions of pretty girls with victory rolls and fancy lingerie, garters, and fishnet stockings. My thoughts have changed completely in the last year though. There is so much more to pinup girls than the sexy Alberto Vargas paintings of the ‘40s. Pinup fashion also involves sexy wiggle dresses that hug a woman’s curves in all the right places, full circle skirts with crinoline that will make any girl feel like a Disney princess (twirl around a few times in a circle skirt – if you say you don’t feel like a princess you are LYING), hair scarves, brooches, perfect winged eyeliner (which I have yet to perfect), etc. And thanks to companies like Pinup Girl Clothing, Heart of Haute, Tatyana, and many others, pinup and rockabilly inspired fashion has been catching onto the mainstream a bit more, and there’s tons of popular fashion bloggers, such as June Bugs & Georgia Peaches, that emulate this gorgeous retro style.

Pinup girl fashion just makes a girl feel ridiculously fabulous. What more can I say?

Tatyana has been churning out gorgeous modern pinup/rockabilly attire since 2006 under Bettie Page, but rebranded itself so Tatyana Khomyakova, the brands’ designer, could gain more recognition for her gorgeous designs. Lucky for fashionistas in the Bay Area, there’s a Tatyana store located on Haight Street!

The store’s bright pink walls are adorned with kitschy pinup art, and there’s a couch shaped like the back of a classic car that’s perfect to sit down on to try on a pair of shoes, or for significant others that might’ve been dragged into the store by their paramour to sit and wait. No matter how fantastic a store is, there’s always at least one person there that was brought in against their own will. But I digress. There’s racks upon racks of the prettiest dresses that’ll make you want to channel your favorite lady from Mad Men — mainly Joan Holloway because Christina Hendricks is QUEEN (obviously).

What’s great about pinup fashion is that it’s perfect for every body type, and Tatyana caters to ladies ranging from XS to 4X. The store on Haight Street has some of the loveliest helpers floating around to help customers out with sizing and whatnot too.

The garments are a bit on the pricier side, but their dresses are incredibly well made with nice fabric. I have a crinoline skirt from them that I bought earlier this year that’s fluffy and soft, unlike the cheap itchy kind you can easily get on Amazon or Halloween stores. In other words, these are investment pieces for your closet.

“But isn’t this particular style a little too dressy for everyday wear?” you might be asking.

Uh… who cares?

Why should you wait until a special occasion to bust out a princessy skirt or a sexy wiggle dress? No matter what day it is, work it! I mean… unless you work somewhere that has a specific dress code. Other than that, just flaunt your sexy self with pinup fashion to the grocery store, to the mall, to walk your dog, to get your car washed, or to wherever the hell it is you’re going.

photos by Nina Penalosa

My friend ended up walking away with this super adorable top

So many cute shoes by Bait Footwear a.k.a. the unofficial fashion blogger shoe of choice

photo of author by Jennifer Khut

The sale rack is full of all kinds of dresses!

Gimme gimme gimme!

Tatyana has store locations in Las Vegas, Henderson, Los Angeles, San Diego, Bloomington, Salt Lake City, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, New York, and Toronto. But if you’re not near any of those places that’s not a problem at all! You can also shop for dresses, skirts, and everything else on their online store.