Earrings Options in Oakland for Us All

Beauty Supply Oakland

A beautifully disorganized mess of affordable earrings waiting to be stuck in your ears.

I was one of those weird middle schoolers who tried to impress my peers by piercing multiple holes in my ears in the girls’ bathroom between classes. Sometimes, overly trusting girls even let me poke holes in their ears, too. I didn’t use a needle, ice or apple, just straight-up pushing hard with blunt earrings. Yes, it works. Yes, it hurts. Yes, my parents were less impressed than my friends. I filled my nine-ish holes with various tacky studs for years, until my no-makeup-no-jewlery-no-fun phase in college.

Even after embracing lipstick, skirts and a femme identity, earrings were just a bit much for me. I felt like a little girl playing dress-up whenever I attempted to wear them. When I told a saleswoman that last year, she said “You only feel that way because that’s what you were the last time you wore earrings.” Whoa. Genius/therapist/best salesperson ever. I bought my first pair in a decade right then, and I haven’t stopped since. I am all about earrings now. I am also all about not spending money, so here’s how I am growing my earring collection without taking out a jewelry loan (totally a real thing, probably).

Out of the Closet Oakland

The total cost of all this fabulousness was $11.50.

1. Out of the Closet By far the biggest enabler of my newly acquired earring habit. They put out new jewelry every week and each pair costs $1.50-$2.50. I drive by this place every day and I have to stop myself from going in more than once… or twice… or at most, like, five times a week.

238 E. 18th St., Oakland

Lipstick Oakland

A too-cool-for-school double lipstick selfie.

2. Those big beauty supply stores that are everywhere, especially Telegraph. Don’t you kinda miss those middle school trips to the mall with your bestie to buy earrings at Claire’s?  Well, grab a fabulous friend and head to these beauty supply stores, the best places when you want to go big, bold and maybe a little tacky (which I fully support). I got this $1.99 pair of rhinestone-encrusted lipstick-shaped earrings at Beauty Supply Warehouse and I feel fabulous every time I wear them. Hit up the ones on Grand, Telegraph and Adeline for entire aisles full of earrings.

Glamor Beauty Supply, 4013 Telegraph Ave; Beauty Supply Warehouse, 2601 Telegraph Ave & 925 W. Grand Ave.; Gina Beauty Supply, 3300 Adeline St., Berkeley

Sway Oakland

I want to buy them all.

3. Sway This store is loaded with funky, fun clothes and accessories, and the staff is laidback and helpful. I am all about the clearance rack and this earring display. It sits unassumingly on the counter, quietly beckoning you with its seductive range of earring styles and prices. Stop in and treat yourself to some earrings, but be careful, you’re gonna want to spend money on their awesome clothes, too. But whatever, don’t overthink it, you totally deserve a new dress.

Sway, 3359 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland

Kinks Oakland

My best femme got these at Kink’s and I hope she’s reading this and lets me borrow them soon.

4. Kinks Beauty Supply  Do you like getting three pairs of fun earrings for just $5? Aw, me too, we have so much in common! Kinks is a small, friendly, awesome beauty supply store in North Oakland. It is full of earrings, hair bows, necklaces, makeup, ya know, beauty supply stuff. But this place is my favorite because the owner always hugs you goodbye and laughs and smiles more often and genuinely than anyone I’ve ever met.

Kinks Beauty Supply, 6316 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Sacred Well Oakland

Weird angle of my face but hey, at least the earrings look great.

5. Sacred Well Ok, this is more of a splurge when you’re a minimum wager. I bought these beautiful handmade local earrings for $22 one week when I was pretty broke but I wanted them so badly that I treated myself to them, dammit. I would do it again… and I probably will. You can also snag candles, herbs, crystals, tarot cards, other witchy-hippie-woo-sacred-magic things. They have a beautiful collection of local handmade jewelry and you can feel good about splurging because you’re supporting Oakland artists and I know you’re into that.

Sacred Well, 536 Grand Ave., Oakland