When I’m not fighting evil by moonlight – I’m clearly winning love by daylight working at a desk.  When I’m lucky, that desk is in my studio and I’m painting.  The other half of that time I’m working at a desk in an office.  Though I adore the folks I freelance for, I can’t chat with them all day long and get my work done, so instead I listen to podcasts.  My love for all-things-podcast started with a very passionate obsession with This American Life circa 2000 (TEAM IRA!).  Or maybe it started even further back with my mother reading to me before bed every night (shout out to my gurrrl Laura Ingalls!).  Either way – I ended up with a slight addiction to being read to.  And podcasts are like being read to, but about everything, and with a peppering of old radio drama.  So, after listening to all of TAL (twice) I started scouring the internet for more podcasts.  Originally, I found the hilarious podcast network Maximum Fun, run by independent media powerhouse, Jesse Thorn.  Which includes favorites like Judge John Hodgman, JJGo, Throwing Shade & the Memory Palace.  From there, I found an amazing new podcast network: RadiotopiaRadiotopia is “a collective of the best story-driven [podcasts] on the planet,” and currently the proverbial home from which I hang my headphones.  The centerpiece of this network is a brilliant, intimate, and insanely interesting podcast about design called 99% Invisible.  Last week, one of the founder’s of Radiotopia, and host to 99% Invisible, Roman Mars, sent out a call to the local listeners to be filmed for an upcoming fund-raiser for the network.  I sent an email and a few phone calls later, a small camera crew was coming to my home.  When I answered the door the camera crew surprised me by bringing along Mars.  He was very cool, very kind & very grateful – pretty much everything you look for in someone you admire.  And so, even though I didn’t know it at the time, this is what I wore to hang out with Roman Mars during my mini photo-shoot to help out Radiotopia.  And I have to say, it was totally worth cleaning my house over.

Costume For The Day:

– Cuffed, faded, black shorts that I got in a resale shop in Eugene, OR.

– Hand-altered Smiths t-shirt that I got from a boy I went on two dates with.

– Worn-out, black, skinny, leather belt which once belonged to my Grandma.

Moccasins I got from a clothing exchange (these are my current favorite shoes for everyday hoofing).

– Silver dangley earrings that I got because they reminded me of old Norwegian craft-work.


Love you, mean it

Megan Lynn


profile picMegan Lynn Kott – She was from Oakland by way of the Midwest.  Megan holds a BFA of Art & Social Change in one hand & a cat in the other.  She is a animal-loving, coffee-swilling, water-coloring, appreciator of grit.  When she isn’t designing children’s clothing graphics she is drawing creatures.  Her project “Costume for the Day” (inspired by the documentary “Grey Gardens”) is an effort to create a watercolor diary of what she wears (almost) everyday.  She hopes to capture every hole, stain & worn-out sole, instead of the requisite “selfie” in most fashion blogs.  Her other recurring projects include “Oakland Drink & Draw” and her Tumblr: “Drawing Megan Lynn.”