The weather (as I am wont to talk about) has been ping-ponging me back and forth.  I’ve also been making the tragic mistake of dressing based on the weather the day beforehand.  So today – I wore a completely fall inspired number – complete with little bronze-dipped leaf earrings.  And what did the weather give me? – Ohh, 70-effing-5 degrees.  What the what fall?  Is it too much to ask to see a leaf on the ground and think hey, I should be wearing a sweater and swilling hot apple cider??  Anyway.  Is it time for a donut yet???

Costume For a (Not-Quite-Nearly) Fall Day:

– Plaid flannel 3/4 sleeve box top (thrifted)

– Black, high-waist, skinny jeans by Madewell

– Flat-soled suede boots with secret pockets & side zipper (Mercy Vintage)

– Bronze-dipped leaf earrings


Oh hey, I also wanted to tell you about my art show that is opening tomorrow!  It’s called “Chimera.”  Chimera is a 2-person art show at the Subterranean Arthouse by myself (Megan Lynn Kott) and Justin DeVine.  The show features collaboratively painted animal hybrids such as a pelican-seahorse or an oxalatl-hummingbird, as well as many others.  Each painting was worked on by both artists, one creating the head, while the other the body, and vice-versa.  The pieces combine both the artist’ style and brush stroke to create another chimera of sorts.  These works signify their interest in the natural world and play with a casual surrealism, not unlike the traditional artist’s exercise: Exquisite Corpse.  Opening reception Friday, November 7th at 7pm to meet the artists, enjoy light snacks, and draw your own exquisite corpse!

Love you, mean it

Megan Lynn


profile picGuest Blogger – Megan Lynn Kott – She was from Oakland by way of the Midwest.  Megan holds a BFA of Art & Social Change in one hand & a cat in the other.  She is a animal-loving, coffee-swilling, water-coloring, appreciator of grit.  When she isn’t designing children’s clothing graphics she is drawing creatures.  Her project “Costume for the Day” (inspired by the documentary “Grey Gardens”) is an effort to create a watercolor diary of what she wears (almost) everyday.  She hopes to capture every hole, stain & worn-out sole, instead of the requisite cute-girl-in-expensive-clothes that appears in most fashion blogs.  Her other recurring projects include “Oakland Drink & Draw” and her Tumblr: “Drawing Megan Lynn.”