You will fall in love with Marion & Rose's the SECOND you walk in.

You will fall in love with Marion & Rose’s the SECOND you walk in.

A warm Wednesday day in Oakland is the perfect time to wander over to Marion & Rose’s Workshop. Before you walk in, you will likely see a little group of friends laughing and chatting on the bench outside the store. Little do you know, one of those laughing and chatting people is about to become your new favorite person. Because one of those laughing and chatting people is Marion & Rose’s owner, Kerri Lee Johnson.

Look at this "Moonrise Kingdom" inspired display! (wesandersongasm)

Look at this “Moonrise Kingdom” inspired display! (wesandersongasm)

Kerri is a suuuuper cool (sweet, nice, funny, I COULD GO ON) artist and curator who uses her discerning eye and passion for the Made in America Movement to beautifully decorate her shop and stock it with top quality American made products! And she knows everything there is to know about all the brands she carries (and I mean EVERY BRAND and EVERYTHING).

I guess the Cleansing Grains make me do weird Posh Spice impressions...

I guess the Cleansing Grains make me do weird Posh Spice impressions…

Plus, if you have any questions about navigating Twitter or going gluten-free (guilty on both accounts), she’s your girl.

Kerri helped me pick out some great products to try out from some great local skincare lines. I’m particularly jazzed about Native State’s Ritual Tonic (restoration for healthy beards and hair). Ok. So. I don’t have a beard, as you may or may not know, but misting this therapeutic tonic on my face (especially around 3pm) really  helps me feel refreshed! I also really liked Humble Salve’s Cleansing Grains. I’ve never used anything like it! I wore it as a mask to begin with and, when my 15 minutes was up, massaged it into my face and rinsed it off! My skin felt very fresh and looked healthy and restored after!

(from left to right) Native State's Ritual Tonic ($20); Humble Salve's Cleansing Grains ($14); Humble Salve's Sugar Scrub Cubes ($10), Hand Salve ($12), Lip Balm ($5)

(from left to right) Native State’s Ritual Tonic ($20); Humble Salve’s Cleansing Grains ($14); Humble Salve’s Sugar Scrub Cubes ($10), Hand Salve ($12), Lip Balm ($5)

Outlaw Soaps' Leather & Sandalwood Shaving Soap ($15)

Outlaw Soaps’ Leather & Sandalwood Shaving Soap ($15)

I also bought Outlaw Soap’s Leather & Sandalwood Shaving Soap and forced my brother and dad to try it out and tell me what they think. My dad says, “Well…smells nice! Lathers up well. Gives a smooth shave.” His only criticism? It doesn’t fit into a soap dish. My brother says, “It’s good…I dunno, it makes your skin look nice after. Uhhh…it makes you look healthier, just say that.” Well put, bro, well put.

Native State Tattoo Polish ($35)

Native State Tattoo Polish ($35)

Now, if I weren’t a huge baby and had a tattoo, I would definitely go back to Marion & Rose’s for Native State’s Tattoo Polish. The scrub and spray apparently works wonders for restoring the brightness to your color tattoos! But, since I am a huge baby, I plan to go back for these adorable linen makeup bags and totes. The prints are amazing for summer and the bags are pretty easy to clean!

Swoooooooon. So cute.

Swoooooooon. So cute.


When you go to visit Marion & Rose’s Workshop, you’ll get an extra special treat! From May 2 to June 15, artist Lisa Congdon’s new exhibition will be at the shop! Aaand, when you visit on a Wednesday, you’ll have a chance to try some delicious baked goods by Natty Cakes! This cute li’l lady Natalie sets up shop in the breezeway right next to Marion & Rose’s!

I've dreamt of Natty Cakes every night since I had those gluten-free cookie sandwiches.

I’ve dreamt of Natty Cakes every night since I had those gluten-free cookie sandwiches.

Want to know more? Check out Marion & Rose’s Website and follow @marionandrose on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated on new products and events!

Visit Marion & Rose’s at 461 9th Street in Oakland! CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Follow @lovenattycakes on Instagram and Twitter to find out where Natalie and her yummy baked goods are each day!

PS Mother’s Day is coming up, peeps! Who even says “peeps” anymore (not counting a reference to marshmallow chicks)? GUESS WHERE ALL THE PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY PRESENTS ARE??? Marion and Rose’s Workshop. Adorable cards. Beautifully and locally crafted jewelry. Garden kits. You get the idea. Go. Just go.