In case you somehow happened to be off-the grid for the past week or so (still nursing your mercury-in-retrograde wounds perhaps), I am here to to highlight the absolute amazingness that is upon us full-force ,Venus Goddess status! First, there was the epic release of the “Sea” by Monif Clarke swimsuit collection, featuring our beloved Tess Holliday among other bodaciously bodied babes, which quite literally broke the internet (move your co-opting bootiliciousness over Kim Kardashian) due to the site collecting so much traffic!

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Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.21.29 PM

side note: I WANT all of these!


image source: @monifclarke  instagram account

Also, just this week, one of our favorite models Ashley Graham (recently famed for sweeping Sports Illustrated in an ad for her swimsuit line) released her own lingerie line for Addition Elle, which had models, bloggers, and stylists among others, buzzing and promoting even before its official release date! As you can see, the two lines offer a mix of hard and soft, sexy and elegant, bold and understated, modern and classic – Monif offering brighter and neon hues, Graham giving more pastel and blacks. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.13.47 PM

…and these are on my wish list now too!

image source: @additionelle instagram account

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Today’s article will simply be featuring some of my personal favorite pieces and photographs from each of these luscious lines – a March Mashup of some serious swimsuit and lingerie realness! Thank you Ashley Graham/Addition Elle and Monif Clarke for creating unique looks and collections that will speak to a broad spectrum womyn within the ‘plus size’ community – a great reminder that not all fat bodies are the same, and ours have just as much right as our thinner counterparts to be celebrated and decorated powerfully!


“Sea” by Monif Clarke

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.23.35 PM

this and following image sources: @monifclarke instagram account

From the stilettos to the perfectly curled hair, sunnies, bangles, and even bowling ball – everything about this shot and these swimsuits screams: HECK YES! I absolutely love the brilliant color palate that Monif chose for this collection – especially in these favorite turquoise, purple, and hot pink shades of mine! I also love the statement she makes by featuring more than one skin color and body size with models from left to right above: Kristina Diane Yeo, Tess Holliday, and Halle Deneen!


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.22.14 PM

Model Halle Deneen is werkin’ it so fiercely in this 70s-esqu fringe high-waisted bikini she just converted me into a fan of the color orange! I NEED to try this suit on and rock in my own photo shoot – although I will stick to strappy sandals and leave the heels to the pros! Also, if anyone else is noticing the general rising trend in high-waisted bikinis, another important commentary, Is the #FATKINI Revolutionizing Trending, was recently written by activist Virgie Tovar, which readers should also check out!

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.23.21 PM

These peep-bellied bathing suits are giving me so much life right now. I most love the one on the right, although I might end up having the urge to turn it into a full-on two-piece! There is so much eleganza oozing from the top look; all that is missing is the model being fanned with palm fronds and fed grapes luxuriously – you can read even more about this collection in a featured article on yahoo.


We truly cannot get enough of Tess Holliday – whether she’s sporting it up with edge a bit (left) or bringing more of a soft ethereal quality (right), she provides a very clear statement: “I am fucking fierce!” I love the black bikini and think you could end up with some fairly artistic tan lines at the end day poolside, but who thought a visor could be made to look so sexy!? I also appreciate that Tess’ tattoos are able to be featured in Monif’s shoot, as I feel they accentuate and enhance the look of her line – perfect bodily accessories!


Ashley Graham for “Addition Elle” 



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I knew I loved this lingerie piece modeled here by Ashley herself, at first sight, but it wasn’t until I looked even closer that I wanted it for myself even more! From what I can see, the bra itself is built into this open-backed, sexily see-through, somewhat lacey dress-let – and while it does appear to provide great support as well, it just looks like something that should be taken-off by your lover! The underwear look like the perfect fit as well, revealing some cheeky action occurring from the rear-view.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.38.49 PM

I found myself even more drawn to Ashley’s self-published photo on social media, than her perfected images online. I love how you can clearly see the realness of her body in this image, which is in a visible contrast to the second photo featured in this article above where she is wearing the exact same lingerie set! I love seeing more rolls, real thigh dimples, less makeup, and the exact same amount of confidence! I also love the juxtaposition between such light, soft colors being used with such sexy silhouettes.

Image source (left): @tessholliday instagram account; (right):

Tess recently featured a sneak peak of her favorite sets from Ashley’s line on instagram and her website – at this point being the only person other than Ashley to wear them! I for one am I fan of the see-through lacey booty shot and appreciate how much comradary this represents for womyn already very successful in the size acceptance community – truly supporting one another’s ventures, enacting feminism in this way daily.





I love everything about Gabi Fresh and this self-styled shoot (photographed by Lydia Hudgens whose aesthetic I love)! Gabi has such an incredible eye for styling, but also for knowing exactly how fantastically to create a feeling in each photographic set-up – something my eye really appreciates! I especially love that she is able to bring an extra edginess to an otherwise very romantic feeling line – don’t get me wrong – how could romance not be in the air of this hotel room?! However, I really appreciate the attitude brought to the lingerie – elevating it even more! Also, I’m still thinking about the words of encouragement and supports she writes on her website: “I’m so proud of my friend and plus size model Ashley Graham for killing it lately. She launches her new lingerie collection for Addition Elle in mid-March (*now*), and I’m very happy that they’ve added G & H cups! I’m technically a 38HH, but I’m wearing the 38H below. The pieces are super comfortable and flirty, and I had a blast shooting them with Lydia while I was in NYC. You can sign up at for more info!”

image sources: @khaleesidelrey instagram account

Courtney Mina is one Body Positive blogger and fatshionista I’ve personally been following for quite some time after discovering the #curvesreign campaign this brilliant humyn created on instagram! I adore “khaleesidelrey’s” style, grace, confidence, and self-love advice – not to mention this magical-meets-royal bedroom fit for a Queen! The lovely lingerie set shown here comes directly from Addition Elle itself (not Ashley’s new line), but I would be remiss in not featuring the gorgeous way that Courtney styled and presented it! Wise words written by Courtney underneath the spectacular mirror self-portrait: “I feel like a goddess in this body of mine. It’s a symbol of my strength, my sexuality, my identity, my confidence, and my power. No words can bring it down – only lift it higher. That’s because my #curvesreign.” Thanks for taking us to the ‘Kingdom of the Curves’ every time we see a new look from you Courtney!