On April 26th Urban Stitch Boutique (formerly Runway Style House) lit up the streets of Broadway as Oakland Fashion Network (OFN) brought us  the ”Make it Reign’ fashion show with 14 indie designers from around the Bay Area.

Wear Your Voice was there to capture every fashion fabulous moment. OFN had 80 pre-sale tickets to the show and there was a line up as doors opened at 7pm! It was a full house and the atmosphere electric! There is a dedicated fashion scene in Oakland and it’s not a joke, it is deadly serious, supportive and enthusiastic, because let me tell you those ”in the know” are as it sounds ”in the know” and WYV is at the forefront of being ”in the know”!

Check it out and for more information and beautiful imagery to add to your Oakland fashion fantasies we bring you Part 1 of OFN’s ‘Make it Reign’ fashion show from WYV writer Stri!