For this past week, I’ve been ruminating on an Andy Warhol quote. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. “People look the most kissable when they’re not wearing makeup.” Despite the fact that I love makeup, I do agree with ol’ Andy there. I think women look the most beautiful when they minimize their makeup routine and keep it simple. Also, and I doubt Andy thought about this aspect, it will cut the time doing your makeup routine in half. Plus, it’s also a cute sporty look if you’re going to a Raiders game or a World Series party or something.

So, I guess this article could be called Looking Your Most Kissable/The Late For Work Routine/The Cute n’ Sporty Look.

I look like a five year old.

I look like a five year old.

First things first, you need to love your face sans makeup if you don’t already. I’ll be honest, it took me a while to love my makeup free face. I always found something to nitpick. Whether it was my imperfect skin, short eyelashes, whatever. IT WAS DUMB. So there I am. For the first time on Wear Your Voice, completely makeup free. Not too shabby. Maybe even a little bit kissable…

Alright. Let’s get to gettin’.

These are the most time consuming steps and they're still quick and easy peasy lemon squeezy.

These are the most time consuming steps and they’re still quick and easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Foundation: I’ve been using Clinique’s Redness Solutions and love it. The coverage is lighter (but, still buildable) than the Stay Matte Foundation and better for dry skin.

Bronzer: I applied in the usual places…under the cheekbones, top of the forehead, jawline, and sides of the chin.

Eyeliner: Using a longwear pencil, I applied black eyeliner on the base of my top lashline to make my lashes appear thicker.

Brows: No matter what the routine, you will never ever EVER be allowed to skip this step on my watch. Don’t make me hunt you down. Because I will. (NSA, I’m joking.)IMG_1647

First coat of mascara.

Blush: A natural rosy shade to get a healthy glow going is perfect for this look. I used my favorite Bare Minerals blush in True.

Get a Q-tip wet and wipe the foundation off your lips. If you’re not a spaz when applying foundation like I apparently am, you can skip this step.

Curl those lashes!

We're almost finished! THis is the home stretch! And it's gone by ever so quickly.

We’re almost finished! THis is the home stretch! And it’s gone by ever so quickly.

Luminizer: A nice golden luminizer will help perfect that healthy glow that is so essential to this look.

Second and final coat of mascara.

Dab a little Strawberry Rosebud Salve on your lips. Hydrates, smells/tastes yummy, adds a very subtle light pink tint. Who’s going to turn down lips that with those qualities?

I’d say at this point, we’re looking pretty goddamn kissable. Am I right, ladies?! And it took under 10 products!

Now, here’s how I bed head my hair. What’s a more kissable addition to this look than bed head? C’mon. Tell me. The answer is nothing.

Somedays I am more blessed by the bed head gods. Today, was one of those days.

Somedays I am particularly blessed by the bed head gods. Today, was one of those days.

When I get out of the shower, after I dry it off a little, I incorporate a dab of styling creme into my hair. Then, tie it up into a bun. I take my hair out of the bun after my makeup is done and do a deep side part on the opposite side of my natural part.

Then I let it air dry and ruffle it up occasionally. Occasionally, I’ll scrunch it to help the rumples along.

When it’s all dry, I flip my hair over, spray it with beach spray, flip it back over and train my hair to, kind of, messily part down the center. And BOOM. Bed Head.

It’s even cute with a hat on (GO GIANTSSS!!!) for that sporty look.

Now, go forth and be kissable!

But first, “What I Should’ve Said”:

Def Should've Said That