Photos of Field Day & Friends courtesy of Nina Penalosa

Upon visiting Field Day & Friends on 19th Street, I thought it was going to be one of those stores that I go into and say, “Ooh I like this dress, but ugh… they don’t have it in my size. Or this dress… or that dress” and then cry a little on the inside and feel completely defeated afterwards. The struggle is seriously real for us thicker ladies with boobs that won’t quit. Thankfully, this was not the case! While going through racks of beautifully crafted dresses made from bed sheets and other salvaged materials, I stumbled upon XL and XXL dresses. HUZZAH! This was good, because I’d be able to try on some dresses. But this was also bad because then I’d probably fall in love with a dress (or 2, which actually happened) because dresses are my kryptonite. And they cost a pretty penny too – dresses range from $115-$125.

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However, like Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford from Parks & Recreation say: TREAT. YO. SELF

All apparel by Field Day is designed by Oakland resident Trinity Cross, who also owns Field Day & Friends, and are all sewn up by four seamstresses that also reside in Oakland. Purchasing any piece of garment by Field Day will make you feel good because you know you’re supporting a local business/designer, and you’re gonna look hella fabulous in your new Field Day dress too. It’s a win-win situation!

Hello, my pretty!

One of the first dresses I tried on was this red floral number pictured above. When I went out of the dressing room, Taylor, the lovely clerk that was working during my visit, showed me that the dress could either be worn with straps or as a halter. She then asked if I found the pockets to which I exclaimed, “THIS DRESS HAS POCKETS?!” because I feel that pockets should be mandatory on all dresses and skirts. She also said it was the perfect “twirl” dress. Girl, you already had me at pockets (FYI, all Field Day apparel has pockets). I tested the twirliness of the dress, and it’s the stuff Disney Princess dreams are made of. And I felt fantastic in it. It flattered my curves and my cleavage looked ah-maazing! By the way, Taylor was incredibly helpful and even picked out some pieces for my friend and I to try on. Shout out to Taylor! 🙂

Photo of author by Jennifer Khut

I thought I was all set with the red floral dress until I spotted this Disney alphabet one made from vintage bed sheets in a basket. It was the same exact print of the one I had as a kid. When I checked to see what size it was it was mine, and it was the only one made from that material. Fate. Kismet. Serendipity. Whatever you wanna call it, this dress was going to come home with me no matter what because it was basically made for me! And yes, I left with BOTH dresses. NO REGRETS.

Screen printed owls make these vintage ties pop

This dress screams House Stark. Game of Thrones, anyone? Anyone?

Piles upon piles of fun dresses and skirts!

The “& Friends” part of the store’s name comes from all the neat trinkets from designers that are local to Oakland/Bay Area and along the North West such as Francesca Z Designs, Alchemilla, Fox and the Fawn, and much more.

And during the first Friday of every month, Field Day & Friends has an opening for their featured designer and artist of the month, so be sure to stop by! At the moment, Tawny Holt of Armor San Anguish and Hilary Williams‘ works are featured at the store.

That pegasus though… ♥

These cards are too adorable!

Field Day & Friends is the perfect place to shop if you plan on having a “Treat Yo’self” Day. Hand crafted necklaces? TREAT YO’SELF. Delicate rings? TREAT YO’SELF. Dresses made out of sustained materials that flatter your body like no one’s bid’ness? TREAT YO SELF. It’s the best day of the year!