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It is summertime ladies and it’s time to flaunt those gorgeous stems! I’ve read a gazillion articles on the perfect exercises to get your legs summer ready and blah blah blah.  Now, not that I don’t support the health aspect of such and DO absolutely encourage you to be your best most healthful . But, lets be honest, sometimes “ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

Now, lets look at some legs for inspiration.

There is a growing trend among African-American women getting a spray tan  for covering up scars, blemishes, stretch marks, etc. I LOVE bronzer. ( I  use an orange shimmery eye shadow on the apples of my cheeks and  sweep it over my bare eyelids and clavicles for an instant summer glow. Just add mascara and a clear lip gloss). These tips and tricks work for women of ALL colors. There is nothing like a healthy glow to enhance your summer fun. People will flock to you like bees to honey.

Here are my tried and true methods for tricking out my legs to pull off those breezy summer dresses, short shorts and mini skirts.

EXFOLIATE-Scrub those babies!

Here is a watermelon scrub purchased from a purveyor of fine natural goods, but you can quickly and easily whip up a small batch in your kitchen!

-You can use sugar or salt. I prefer sugar as its gentler and tastier on the skin. I use raw brown sugar; the granules are about five times the size of regular table sugar. If you have you sensitive skin, I would suggest brown sugar as well.

-Pick an oil. Baby oil, vegetable oil, almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil. I just don’t recommend Canola, ugh.

-Mix up however much you need. ONE part oil for every TWO parts of sugar or salt. Store the extra in a tupperware container. (After the mix has been sitting, the salt/sugar will settle back to the bottom, so remix before application).

-If you want to get fancy and have some essential oils lying around, add in a three or four drops, lemon zest or ground mint.

-Scrub works best on dry kin. Get into your tub or shower and work the scrub into your skin in a circular motion. Take more time on rough areas (elbows and knees) and take it easy on the delicate areas ( decolletage and stomach).  Then rinse it all off and BLOT your skin dry or air dry.

Side note: make sure to clean your tub afterwards. My poor roommate knocked her noggin’ and damn near twisted her ankle after stepping into the oily shower after my scrub down.

They will be soft, supple and glowing after this scrub down.



FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT- Try a spray tanner!

These products are designed to bring out the natural melanin in your skin tone.

In the past the thought of taking my African- American self into a tanning salon or lying out in the sun might have seemed humorous. When I tell you “I’m working on my tan.” Dagnabbit, I mean it! A subtle golden tone and/or bronzing will create a beautiful even surface. The color and reflecting particles  in bronzers and tanners will smooth over acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.

The good thing about spray tanning is that when professionally done, it can last up to two weeks. Try Radiant Salon, Cocoon Bare or Soleil Tanning Salon. Prices typically run about $50 for a full body tan and $20 for the legs only. Pretty low cost right?

Bronzing Lotions

If a professionally done spray tanner is a bit pricey, consider using a bronzing lotion like Jergen’s Natural Glow. I’m a big fan of Jergen’s products and this is no disappointment. I use this all summer long and always look as if I’ve just returned from yachting in St. Tropez.

Dry Powders/Bronzers

If you just want a one-time special occasion glow without the commitment, you can use a shimmering powder, to be found at any drugstore. Pick the kind that is encased in a clear container, so you can see what kind of shimmer you’re getting into. Super fine shimmering particles are best , lest you look like Debbie Goes Down from the local Gentleman’s Club.

After showering and lotioning up, wait about five minutes for your moisturizer to set in and then go in with your face bronzer/a golden bronze eyeshadow, and a big powder brush and  apply lightly in a big circles all over the important places.  Make sure to wash your brush free of those body oils and germs before using it on your face. Pimples and blackheads are just waiting to be unearthed on your smooth lovely face. “Give us free!” they say.


So there you are ladies! You can scrub and bronze for your summer days without spending if you choose. Use that extra dough for an impromptu road trip, to buy a cute guy a Pepsi cola or an ice cream cone or to buy that perfect pair of summer shoes to show off your bronzed glowing goddess legs. Don’t be shy sweet summer Daisies, bare those stems and get to steppin’.