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Outfit of the week – I bring you my legs !!!!!

It’s not often that my legs, my long & lean stems grace the pages of a high end fashion magazine (;-)) – in fact, it’s not often they grace anything apart from the inside of a pair of skinny jeans.

However, I think I’m getting more confident or possibly more delusional. I figure when I’m 60 I may regret not getting them out more often. The debate on what to reveal, how much of it to reveal, & when, will never stop, so here they are! What do you think?


Check out my ”turn out”, you can imagine I gave my ballet teacher hell!

Everyone bitches about their weight whether they’re a size 0 or 20. Sometimes I fantasize in the mirror, (easy tiger) just talking about my naked legs, then I squeeze them together and immediately 5 inches vanish! Ta-da! Then I go back to thinking about liposuction ’’if only..’’ and then I get scared of my personal thoughts, and go back to eating.

So this year dear fans, just to keep you in the loop, I decided to have ‘zero new years resolutions’ so that I don’t feel like I need to berate myself when I achieve none, but what I will do is start as I mean to go on, so I went back to my dance class, holler! Hipline makes me happy.

I am working out to look after me, not just my body, but my mind and body, and yes I sound all green and new age, but hey I live in the Bay Area, you need to be hippy and new age just to fit in…to-your-jeans

So back to the point of this post. I bring you my legs…again..


It is very important to embrace legs from different angles!

Perfect time of year to get my cellulite-ridden legs out, it’s tights weather! Hooray! Which means they can be hairy & cellulite-y and I still get to look hot as fuck!


Me, my skirt, my legs, my butt and my ”hot as fuck” facial expression.


Skirt: A-line mini skirt in rayon ponte knit with asymmetric color blocking. Local Oakland designer Harumi K – $78

So the real story is, I went to buy a gorgeous pencil skirt from Sherry of Harumi K, I had spied it a long time ago, but when I put it on I just didn’t feel like me, turns out I am more tomboy than girly-girl, and the pencil skirt made me feel too feminine. But you should go try it, because the shape, the colors, ohhh, blue, green, and even a basic black, they are beautifully cut and support curves too! You will find some today at Runway (Now Urban Stitch).
Then I saw this little piece of fabric, could I? Really? A mini-skirt? It is so comfortable and kind on my body, that we are having a not so secret love affair, this skirt and I have been out a million-gazzilion times and we have only been together 4 weeks.

One skirt and two different designs, check out the back detail, this is like a two for one deal, America I know y’all love a deal!


Harumi K skirt, front of skirt /MADE IN USA label (!!) / back of skirt


Shoes: approx, $40, these are called I will kick your head in shoes: Amazon, vegan no less, because I care about animals and their death and my feet, well I don’t really, I mean I do, but I am a meatatarian, hey no judgement, those flowers and beans you eat they have a heart too you know – but anyhow I digress, I am pretty cheap and vegan shoes are cheap! Therefore I bought these.

Tights: Excitable, fabulous tights: Target $dunno

Top: Vermeulen & Co okay, okay, yes same top from last week – I am just giving you more ways to wear it and btw that is two designers, both local in one outfit! On a side note our Mayor is a huge fan of Vermeulen & Co!

(No, I am not being paid to spread awareness about sparkly fleece’s, I am purely concerned about the fugly Patagonia one you are wearing right now while you read this post. Please go shopping. Thank you)

Lipstick: a full on PINK, inherited from one of my fabulous WYV writers – thanks Ash Fisher!

Bye till next time…