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I don’t know about y’all, but I suck at Halloween. It usually creeps up on me before I can plan a cool costume so I’m doomed to throw something together last minute. And it’s always super lame. Like, showing up in all black and telling people I’m a beatnik. Lame. Or adding a black beanie to that all black look and saying I’m a robber. So. Lame.

This year, I have a couple good costume ideas rollin’ around, but I’m prepared for my (probably) inevitable lazy girl Halloween. Or last minute Halloween. Or I-just-got-off-work-and-I-have-ten-minutes-to-throw-something-together-before-a-party Halloween. Or, D, all of the above.

Anyway. It’s a doll. And it took me, like, ten minutes to put this together and you probably have most of these products in your makeup bag already. And it’s kinda cute so, whatever. If I HAVE to dress up…I’lljustdothis.Steps 1-4

Step 1: Do yo’ foundation thang. Make sure to apply to your lips to, later, greater emphasize the cute li’l lips we’ll be making.

Step 2: Line upper lid with black eyeliner and smudge.

Step 3: Apply white eyeliner to the lower lashline to make your eyes appear larger. I was a bit sloppy with this step. Oops. So…do it better than that, maybe.

Step 4: Apply a deep brown eyeshadow to the crease and blend, blend, blend.Steps 5-9

Step 5: Brows! I tried to make mine rounder than normal. Failed. Obviously. I was in a hurry, it’s the thought that counts.

Step 6 & 7: Mascara-ara-ara-eh-eh-eh. Upper lashes and tips of the lower lashes.

Step 8: Using my fingertip, I applied the red/berry lipstick I ended up using on my lips on the apples of my cheeks. Steps 9-12

Step 9: Apply lipstick to only the middle of your mouth creating a cute li’l mouth.

Step 10: Using your black eyeliner, draw eyelashes under your eyes. It’s better to draw the line up than down. I learned that the hard way. As you can see from my disastrous left eye. My left eye.

Steps 11 & 12: Pigtail braid it up! I like to mess with and pull out hair after to make the braid seem thicker. Sometimes I even succeed.

Great! A doll person wearing a workout shirt! Well planned, Laura.

Great! A doll person wearing a workout shirt! Just like I planned…

Et voila! Put on a baby doll dress, some knee socks and BOOM. You’ve got yourself a last minute Halloween costume.

Hey, but, maybe you don’t even like to go out on Halloween. Maybe you’re easily spooked. Or maybe you just like to hang at home, drink a little apple cider, watch scary movies and cuddle (<– me). That doesn’t mean you can’t rock a little Halloween spirit!

Nail pens are genius.

Nail pens are genius.

This manicure took no time or skill (trust me, no skill). Thanks to the invention of nail pens. Sally Hansen, I DO.

So whether you get crazy at a party or keep it cozy at home, have a super fun (and safe, pls be safe) Halloween! Fingers crossed we don’t run into the scary clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show.

And now, “What I Should’ve Said”:

I don't even...

I don’t even kn–like, what?! That’s what you’re opening with?