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This week I bring you the famous FLEECE

Don’t blush and please don’t start running around your apartment trying to hide them from me, I do not need to come over and dispose of all your hideous fleece sweatshirts, because after you see what I found, you will pick up your old fleece options and throw them out! Your conscience will get you, not me!


Hello Bay Area people, what is the grotesque obsession with your sporty, zip up, fleece that you think is an actual fashion item? It is not fashion. Wear it to the gym, wear it back from gym, take it off after you get home, leave it at home, change clothing. *Repeat*

Your fleece or fleece’s’s’s’s’s’s..

1) Look frumpy

2) There are other ways to stay warm in your clothing. You have options.

3) It’s so severe & unfortunate, it screams ”I don’t want to have sex …ever”, a virgin blanket top, an ugly blanket, an ugly top, in the ugliest design, in fact lets call that the no design-design…

4) You need to take a long hard look in the mirror

5) I dare you to complete #4

6) Hmm need I say more?

IMG_1569 (1)

left: photo credit: http://bstylish.info/uncategorized/the-north-face-rikie-jacket-womens-evo-outlet right image: WYV image- Urban Stitch Boutique


This is what you need to do


1) Put #fugly sweatshirts in a black garbage bag, make black garbage disappear, (be kind, there is no need to to burn them, we are all about seeing them go to a better home, we will do the burn something and dance around the camp fire ritual later)

2) Repeat, I know you have some tucked away for that ”emergency moment”, the only emergency you will face is when I come knocking on your door because someone has reported you to the Fashion Police

3) Under that fleece is your body, you do not need to hide your body anymore…TAKE-IT-OFF

I bring you (DRUM ROLL)




Outfit Of The Week

SEQUIN EMBELLISHED FLEECE- Vermeulen & Co.  – $115 – available at Runway (Now Urban Stitch)

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – Target, $approx40

Super comfy & cute shoes – Toms – $60/70?

Belt – OLD AS HELL from a trip to Milan, Italy, year 2006

– Fleece, a moment of genius for this awesome, dynamic Oakland duo! Oh yes.
This fleece is a healthy $115, I had a tough moment when greeted with said fleece, really $115? – YES! This is not H&M, duh! We, me, all of us, need to make sure we are educated in clothing. #ShopLocal is a real movement and a real situation, it brings results, made local, made in USA, local jobs etc etc…YES, YOU DO NEED TO SHOP LOCAL AND YES, YOU DO NEED TO BUY THIS FLEECE, because you paid the same if not more for your beautiful array of REI specials that I saw in your draw!

This is my wet dream (Yes I need to get out more and possibly have more sex, okay, we can come back to this later)

–  Black – check / Comfortable – check / Warm – check / Sequins – CHECK CHECK CHECK – what???!! This is possibly every girls wet dream

A love letter to this fleece, lets call her Meladrosequinfleecethingy

Dear Meladrosequinfleecethingy,

I love you, I wear you after a work out, I wear you on date night, I even wear you when I have a disgusting hangover and little sleep, you work with a pencil skirt, micro mini, distressed boyfriend jeans, party jeans, snakeskin print jeans bla bla or if you dare, hot pants, you make me feel deeeeelicious!

If I ever go camping you will be the first thing I pack, and possibly the only thing I pack.

Love Me