20150328_104045Just get up and leave, I thought. And then I got up and went. Like most, I have spent my entire life working since I was sixteen. I moved around so much when I was in my youth, I went to four different high schools. Changing towns, changing friends, changing beds. The moving never stops. The constant wandering wears holes in my shoes. Every time I think that I am going to be able to settle, thunder crackles in the night air, static builds upon my arm hair, I pack my bag and I go.

They call me a geographer – someone who studies the earth and its natural environment along with human society. I study science, read philosophy, create art and eat well. With all this travel and all this thought, I’ve realized being a minimalist is key. All you need is a good pair of pants, a pack of shirts, one good jacket and a fantastic pair of shoes. Moving from project to project, I have many passions, and when they all intermingle – I become the lighting – connecting all the electrostatic ponders and discharge ideas at mass. Producing. Connecting. Creating. Moving. I’m a constant helper. People request me and I am happy to help if for a good cause. My goal is to help people set themselves up for success. And in doing this, my mark is left.

Since I am always on the professional move, I need to travel lightly with style. I decided one day I would buy three piece suit. When I was traveling through Costa Rica, I went to the fabric store in San Jose, picked out some items, took it to a tailor in Escazú and for two hundred bucks, I had myself a three piece suit.


After spending days and countless hours sifting through different materials in multiple fabric stores – I knew I wanted a blue suit. A suit that could be formal, but a suit that could be fun. They say that you can get seven outfits out of a three piece suit. For someone that is traveling all the time – there was only room for one suit in my duffle bag, so I had to choose wisely.

I went with blue, because I thought black was too formal and conservative. I thought about gray, but in my mind, after seeing Matthew McConaughey (my inner male spirit) at the 2015 Emmys I thought – BLUE is definitely the way to go.


Being a fine arts major, I studies color theory often. Which tones go with what and how. I knew that I needed a blue that wouldn’t wash me out. I chose the blue of my veins. For the pop of color on the inside of the jacket, the flare that identifies the pockets I chose a striated pattern that is the brown of my skin, hair and eyes combined with the pink of my lips.

Now lets talk about the vest! This vest is a very special design because its reversible. Yes, it is fully reversible, buttons and all. I did this so that could get more than seven outfits. Now I have eight.

The leather apparel that you see I am wearing on my shoulders is a mock up of a creation that I am going to try and market. A suit looks best when there is nothing in the pockets. This leather apparel was something I thought up and stitched together, have tested it exclusively and love it.

I have a perfectly color matched outfit to my body. I designed the pattern, picked the fabric, and had it made by a lovely tailor in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


This year I’m working for myself and I’m telling you all about it.

Stay tuned for opinions, interviews, photos and fun!