It’s no secret: first friday’s are one of my absolute favorite times of the month (especially when it commingles with freaky lingering full moon energy) – a true trifecta of art, fashion, and social justice commingling magnetically on the streets of Oakland (most of which are in the radius of my very own neighborhood). Seeing locals from all walks of life come together to celebrate being alive provides an infinite amount of creative inspiration and energetic connection that is palpable from the moment my car swings frenetically around my block in search of limited parking to the moments when I almost make it to last call before strolling home on streets that have an infinite amount more stories to now tell. I wish I was privy to all of them, but am grateful for the magic ignited and experienced that I can share in this space now – providing just a glimpse into the beauteous and soulful experience that is locals wearing their voices at our beloved Oakland Art Murmur!


1. Blazing love at first sepia-toned sight!



was invited to get up-close-and personal with this cheeky print

I was almost too enamored with this beauty and this entire look to remember to snap a photo – I definitely had to remind myself I was working and not just admiring a pure moment of fashion glory!

(K.I.T. Instagram @dashasayshi)


2. Reppin’ the 90s (even if you’re too young to remember them)!

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a friendly face in some throwback gear – and these two cuties were no exception to that rule! Creative spirits who clearly are wearing their voices proudly each and every day!

(K.I.T. Instagram: @vantanart and @fleurjedye)


3. Eclectic friend-groups are the best friend groups!


I met these goddesses during a bit of a tumultuous moment in the evening, however, I couldn’t have felt a more instant connection with a more visually eclectic crew who met my enthusiasm with their own – each rocking their passions daily. I’m especially excited to receive a haircut from Majolyn (far left) at CODE salon in San Francisco for some serious touch-ups and revamping – if her brilliant attitude says anything about her styling ability, then I’m thrilled for the adventure! Would love to meet here again for drinks you lovely powerhouse bombshells!

(Check out their Instagrams: @goonmolly, @theshanwowz, @marielestela, @waltworld)


4. Well-known local artist Maya Songbird is an avid #FuckFatPhobia supporter! 


(K.I.T: Instagram /Facebook/ Twitter)


WYV is a huge supporter of the gorgeous work that Oakland-based songstress Maya Songbird puts out, so it’s a huge honor to have her full support of my #FuckFatPhobia campaign – I’m thrilled for our upcoming collaboration…stay tuned!

5. Free-spirit who sage smudged us!


I’m telling you, these first Friday nights allow for more moments of connection than usual on the streets of my neighborhood – an experience I feel invaluable in life. I was magnetized to these unique sage arrangements, and was gifted a smaller version, which I’ve already utilized through several sacred moments this past weekend.


6. Lalin St. Juste, lead singer of Oakland’s own ‘The Seshen’ wearing her voice with our Editor Monica Cadena!


It’s true team WYV cannot get enough of Lalin’s raw talent and hauntingly beautiful voice as highlighted in ‘The Seshen‘, but we also love the way she expresses her voice boldly through her fashion sense! 

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More memorable moments from our evening…


Meeting-up with my WYV family only to find we were not only wearing our matching tees, but also wearing our lippy game strong!


If you’ve checked out My Favorite Oakland Bar Gardens article, you’ll notice these signature Double Standard drinks – now being enjoyed by our whole team!


My partner Sada and I are pretty much known for wearing our voices, so we’re proud to sport the cute tees to match!


Had to give this rad belly a #FuckFatPhobia addition!


Introduction of beauty blogger Laurel Dickman and powerhouse WYV Founder Ravneet Vohra for an impromptu meeting of the minds!

Please share below how you wear your voice on first Fridays – whether at the Oakland Art Murmur or elsewhere – and share your cute outfit photos below. See you next month!