By now with the sun and surf in full effect, we all know what magical season is upon us: Summa Summa Summa Time! For some, we also know summer to be synonymous with even more magic…music festivals! Yes, dear readers, it is officially the time where absolutely anything goes with clothes (although WYV believes that’s year-round). In fact, less truly equals more during this fiercely feisty festival season! With so many concerts lined-up, even our eardrums are left spinning. So, we decided to focus on how body positive babes are keeping cool, comfy, and cute during endless hours of dancing in scorching heat.

WYV had east coast guest contributor Justine Marie, report back to us with body positive play-by-plays in photograph form, from Bonaroo, a popular and long-standing annual four-day music festival in Tennessee, this past weekend. The fearless fashions featured below will remind you how to wear your voice at any festival, concert, or event this summer season!




I couldn’t LOVE this photo or ensemble any more if I tried! Everything about this look complete with graffitied backsplash screams: Wear Your Voice. I’d be more likely to spray paint “BREASTS!” but we can appreciate fine art expression when we see it! Justine is pictured here standing in front of a giant mural that reads on the top: “BEFORE I DIE…” and as you can see the possibilities are endless. I would add up there: “Self-Love For All,” and must note that the one sentiment that popped right out at me resonates greatly with our core beliefs over here at WYV – “Be Vulnerable,” it’s when you are your most authentic self! [K.I.T with Justine on Instagram].


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Justine is living up to the festival art seen here in her vintage-inspired two piece . Everything about her look and magnetic energy screams: RADIATE POSITIVITY!!! She also shared a behind-the-scenes festival fashion trick that helps us thick-thighed goddesses who want to have fun in a skirt or dress without the hassle: “I shared baby powder for my chub rub with a lady waiting outside to go into see Natasha Leggero perform. I wiped it out and she said: “Ohhhhh girl that is so smart, my thighs are killing me y’all” in the biggest southern accent that warmed my heart!” Justine went on to describe the ultimate positivity radiating from the entire experience, which actually sounded like the adult version of the summer camp I’m currently teaching at: “I’ve never given so many high fives in my life…Everyone is so friendly and generous and shares and says nice things. It’s like everything they taught us in kindergarten!” All that plus adult behavior allowed?! Sign us up!




Justine’s partner, Tia, caught in a whimsical albeit somewhat typical festival moment! I know they say it’s diamonds, but I often wonder if bubbles really are a girl’s best friend! Although we are missing some face action in this shot, I love how it captures some fashionable yet functional outdoor gear – complete with gauges, tattoos, a super fresh line-up, and just a tease of some HELLA (or to get New England with it, WICKED) sexily rimmed glasses! [K.I.T. with Tia on Instagram].





According to Justine, Samara wasn’t only super stylish, but was super sweet too – while waiting for the first night she could be found misting audience members with water to help them cool down! Beyond her kind spirit, she already knows how to rock a belly shirt and shorts…Any fucking way she wants (especially at a musical festival like Bonaroo)! [K.I.T. with Samara on Instagram ]




I love how simple yet complicated this one outfit really is. When you break it down, bare breasts are a revolutionary and political statement (sadly but truly enough) – if you’re sharing them in a female-identified body that is! Justine’s thoughts on this free spirit named Caitlin: “She was a firecracker; when I asked her if I could have her picture she said ‘only if my nipples won’t be blurred, fuck that shit you know’!?” Oh Caitlin, WYV definitely KNOWS, and hope you enjoy your un-blurred, gorgeous self in this space! [K.I.T. with Caitlin on Instagram ] #FreeTheNipple




In the words of Justine, “This girl was the cutest thing. Her name is Vanessa and she explained to me how she had all sorts of outfits planned out for the festival days, but ended up just putting this together when she woke up – specifically wearing the white, lacy number so she could easily have her breasts out if she wanted to do body paint!” I mean, it can’t really get more “festival functional” than this ensemble – and honestly, what womyn among us doesn’t wish their breasts could always be more accessible!? [K.I.T. with Vanessa on Instagram].




More festival-goers wearing and writing their voices on the mural!






I spy with my little eye: something hilarious located under “Find Peace,”… #PissOnKanye – can we get this trending or what?!


If you or a friend is planning on attending a summer festival or concert, please shout yourselves out in the comments below and you, too, could be featured in WYV Magazine!