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The Warriors won last night (Go Dubs!), but that’s not what’s making headlines from yesterday’s game. Instead, social media is preoccupied with this image:


Now, before you leap to wild conclusions, take a step back and consider the setting.

What was this woman, Roni Rose doing? Well, she’s at a basketball game. She’s there to cheer her team on, to rally them as they put on a show. She’s having fun, which involves drinking (if you look carefully, you’ll see the clear, plastic cup in her hand) and slayin’. And she’s looking directly at the team, while drinking and slayin’.



In other words, she’s doing everything you’re supposed to do while enjoying a night out at a basketball game.

What do social media thinks she’s doing? Thotting … what else? Showcasing her thirst. Giving Step Curry the “bleep-me eyes.” Hellbent on wrecking a happy home. Coming for Ayesha’s man.

And the only thing more vicious than the Beyhive is Ayesha Curry’s twitter crew.

I’ve already seen the Facebook posts featuring this image asking people to “Caption this.” Some of them are probably done in jest. But, the thing is, jesters tend to use humor to mask something more somber lurking within.


Yes, the woman is attractive. So what. In what world, outside of the patriarchy, outside of misogynoir, does a woman looking attractive in public justify slut-shaming?


Is it too much to ask for us to go some weeks without finding another woman to stitch a scarlet letter on? That we retire the practice altogether?

Can we, once and for all, put some respeck on women’s bodies, and lay all the hoteping to rest?