Oakland Beer ? Oh Yes!

Beer in Oakland

Beer Week Specialty Brews at Beer Revolution

Are you one of those women who thinks she doesn’t like beer?

Perhaps its because you have been drinking Amstel or Miller Light, or better yet Stella.

Are you one of those women who make bars stock Corona?  It’s okay if you have, you didn’t know.

Oakland has plenty of beer on tap

Here in Oakland, we have a handful of really good beer places.  Too good to let the male-dominated beer culture keep us women from wising up and starting to frequent them.

Something really awesome to know about beer is you can always ask for a taste of anything they have on tap.  Tell them you want to learn.  Women asking questions about beer is hot and they want to sell a Corona at a real beer place just as much as you want to ask for one.

Here a couple of tips to get you drinking better, non-girly stigmatized beers:

First, decide if you are into sweet, rich, or bitter.

If you like sweeter beers, you may want to try a Belgian Fruit Beer.  Rich?  Try a coffee or chocolate porter.  Bitter?  Go with an IPA.

Next, go to one of the places listed below:

  1. Beer Revolution
  2. The Trappist & Provisions
  3. Hogg’s Apothecary

Beer Revolution is located in Jack London Square, on Third Street.  It has indoor and outdoor seating areas, is woman-owned and dog-friendly.  Plus Souley Vegan is right next door.  I went to a beer event here during Beer Week and tried some tasty beers.  They have extensive options on tap and in bottles for sweet, rich or bitter fans.

The Trappist is definitely the place to go for Belgians. They have a front and back bar with different choices.  Provisions is next store and has a HUGE collection of bottles as well as specialty beers on tap.  They are located on 8th Street just off of Broadway.

Hogg’s Apothecary is the newest addition to this list, located on the corner of 40th and Opal, across from Homeroom.  This place is set up like a classy mess hall.  They also have a tasty barley wine.

If you don’t know what to order, ask the bartender.  The people who work at all three of these venues are knowledgeable and often like to tell you all about the beers: what they taste like, where they come from, whose farm they paired up with this year for sweeter, fresher berries…

Want to try out your new beers at home, before going public?  Almanac sells their Biere de Chocolat  at all Whole foods.  For an additional perk, Almanac is local and boasts a “farm to barrel” brewing approach, partnering with local farms and choosing the best ingredients at east step for the balanced beer they are creating.  Think the Alice Waters of Beer. Their Biere de Chocolat uses Dandelion Chocolate located in the Mission.   Another beer to look for is Anchor’s Porter.  It can often be found in bottles and has an iced mocha taste to it.  21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon is a good fruity choice and their Back in Black is a malty dark IPA, a tasty option as well.  21st Amendment also comes in cans for that trashy throwback hipster vibe.

I also like fruity wheat beers sometimes. Cato’s Alehouse on Piedmont Ave usually has a good wheat beer option or two.  If you are feeling adventurous, try a Saison.  They are all the rave now in beer land.  They can be fruity, spicy and carbonated.  As they are a pale ale, they are smooth and easy to drink, but not as heavy as some ales can be.  Saisons were made so farmers could keep their buzz during the day and not get shit-faced.  They are very drinkable, yet a flavor-filled alternative to a tasteless light beer.


Go forth and slobber!